Understanding Solidity Smart Contract Development & Deploying for Beginners

About Me and why am I mentoring

Hey everyone, my name is Joby. I have been in the Blockchain domain for more than 6 years. I have handled different roles like Solidity Developer, Smart Contract Auditor, and Blockchain Consultant.
I have a passion for mentoring and I used to organize and conduct Solidity workshops. I believe that EthernautDAO will be the right place for me to find some Web3 enthusiasts as my mentees.

Training Will/Won’t be for a protocol

  • Mentees will be provided with guidance to gain a good understanding of Solidity and to deploy smart contracts on Ethereum and Optimism.

Number of trainees:

  • Two mentees at a time.

Training Will/Won’t target a job position

  • NA

Target position will/won’t be remote

  • Remote

Minimum requirements for trainee candidates

  • Expecting candidates who are looking for a shift from web2 to web3.
  • Javascript experience will be a plus.

Mentoring hours per week

  • 6 to 8 hours per week.

Work hours per week expected

  • 10 hours per week initially and might increase gradually.

Duration of the program

  • Two months duration.

To apply, please reply in the comments with a description about yourself.

N.B. Solidity beginners will have more benefit from this program, than one who is already in the advanced/expert stage.

Hey Katherine, thanks for applying. You can reach me at @Printfjoby#8667 on discord to discuss further about the mentorship program.