Smart Contract Development Mentorship Update

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to share my recent experience as a Solidity mentor, guiding three enthusiastic mentees (@piyushmali, @Aitunym#0345 & @KAMI17#3003) who were entirely new to the world of web3. About 3 months back, I posted a call for mentees to train newbies into the web3 world. It was an exhilarating challenge, but witnessing their rapid transition and growth under this mentorship program has been an incredibly satisfying experience.

Teaching Solidity and blockchain concepts from scratch is a challenging task. We started with theory classes, laying a solid foundation of blockchain fundamentals and concepts. From there, we delved into the intricacies of Solidity, covering all the crucial topics in the official Solidity documentation. We left no stone unturned, covering everything from basic data types and control structures to complex concepts. Each session was carefully crafted to ensure my mentees grasped the concepts and understood their practical applications.

But we didn’t stop there. We conducted engaging hands-on sessions, allowing our mentees to put their newfound knowledge into practice. We delved into writing Solidity code, testing it rigorously, and deploying contracts on both Ethereum and the Optimism test network.

Beyond the core Solidity language, we recognized the importance of teaching additional essential skills. We dedicated separate sessions to cover common vulnerabilities, emphasizing the significance of secure coding practices. My mentees gained a deep understanding of best practices for secure smart contract development, ensuring they can write robust and auditable code.

We also had sessions to discuss a comprehensive list of known bugs, NatSpec, Style guide, ERC Token Standards, Proxy contracts, YUL, Etherjs, Hardhat, Gas optimization, Smart Contract Auditing, and more.

The joy of witnessing their quick transition was an absolute delight. It’s remarkable how the mentees, who were once newbies to web3, have now become capable of independently writing Solidity code, testing it thoroughly, and deploying contracts on Ethereum and Optimism networks.

I would like to express my appreciation to my mentees for their enthusiasm, dedication, hard work, and willingness to embrace the learning process. Each of them has benefited in proportion to the effort and time they have spent on this mentorship. Two of them have even created demo portfolio projects (GitHub - Aitugan/NFTStore , GitHub - piyushmali/Crowdfunding-Decentralised ). They have gained a solid foundation and are now capable of building more functions on top of the current project or building entirely new projects and protocols. Based on my availability, I will try to continue helping them on their journey even after this program.

I also extend my sincere gratitude to our sponsor Optimism (OP Labs), and EthernautDAO, for maintaining this awesome community where mentees can gain knowledge free of cost and for giving me such an excellent opportunity to mentor.

As a mentor, I take immense pride in fostering their growth and enabling them to contribute meaningfully to the web3 ecosystem.

Cheers to my amazing mentees and the bright future that lies ahead for them!


@Printfjoby Thanks for the update :+1:. Hope there would be a new mentorship program for you soon.

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