Project Mentorships: Project Alignment

Title: Project Mentorships: Project Alignment
Authors: Gaston Silberman, Alejandro Santander
Date: 26/10/2023


This proposal outlines the criteria for project eligibility under EthernautDAO’s mentorship initiative and describes the application process in detail. We stress the need for projects to embody the DAO’s foundational ethos and uphold a structured accountability mechanism.

Eligible Projects

To be considered for EthernautDAO’s mentorship, projects must align with the DAO’s core principles. Although the following criteria reflect our values, a thorough interpretation can be found in the DAO’s Manifesto:

  1. Social Relevance: Projects should address pressing social, environmental, or human challenges with a distinct aim to improve individual and community well-being.
  2. Innovation and Originality: Our preference leans toward unique and imaginative solutions, with a spotlight on projects that harness avant-garde Web3 technologies.
  3. Tangible Impact: Projects must show potential for discernible, tangible outcomes. The feasibility of the proposed solution’s real-world application and its direct benefits will be scrutinized.
  4. Viability and Sustainability: It is crucial for projects to exhibit both technical and financial feasibility. Teams should convincingly illustrate their execution strategy and long-term sustainability blueprint.
  5. Entrepreneurial Team: The team’s competence in realizing the project vision is vital. We’re on the lookout for teams boasting a diverse skill set, unwavering dedication, and a fervent drive for their mission.

The Mentorship Lifecycle

We suggest aligning mentorship cycles with the DAO’s council tenures to hold councils accountable for the triumphs and challenges of their sponsored projects.

Here’s a breakdown of the standard mentorship journey, though the precise sequence remains under the purview of the current council:

  1. Assessment & Renewals: At the onset of their term, the council bears the responsibility of appraising ongoing mentorships—deciding on prolonging, discontinuing, or renewing existing partnerships.
  2. Inviting New Entrants: If a decision is made to incorporate more projects, a new application window is opened. Prospective participants must furnish detailed proposals, shedding light on their project’s mission, tactics, and roadmap.
  3. Initial Evaluation: The council meticulously examines applications, shortlisting contenders based on the previously mentioned benchmarks.
  4. Interviews: Handpicked teams are beckoned for detailed discussions, allowing for a deeper exploration of their initiatives, addressing queries, and evidencing their dedication and zeal. The DAO’s compensation for this endeavor will be proposed separately.
  5. Final Selection: Post-interview, the selection panel will endorse up to 4 projects to partake in that term’s mentorship cycle.
  6. Ongoing Support: Participating projects receive continuous guidance from a designated lead mentor throughout their journey. Targeted mentorship sessions, tailored to specific project needs, are also facilitated upon lead mentor consultation.
  7. Impact Assessment: Concluding the term, the council showcases its accomplishments and trajectory to the larger community.

Outside the Mentorship Lifecycle

Notably, projects can initiate applications off-cycle, provided they secure an endorsement from a sitting council member or dedicated organizational representatives responsible for project discovery.