Grateful - Full stack dapp mentorship

About Me and why am I mentoring

Hi I’m agusduha I was a mentee of the EthernautDAO and now want to give back a mentorship for Grateful.

I am the CTO of Grateful.

Grateful is a Web3 subscriptions payment method for recurring #GratefulPayments to content creators, projects, service providers and organizations where balances generate yield.

Project site:

Training Will/Won’t be for a protocol

Our training program isn’t only about web3 training; it’s all about stepping into a vital role at Grateful. We’re on the hunt for a full stack developer, and you don’t need any prior web3 development experience.

Number of trainees: (max 2 advised)


Training Will/Won’t target a job position

Yes, Grateful core contributor.

Target position will/won’t be remote

Yes, fully remote, but preferably UTC -3 time zone friendly.

Minimum requirements for trainee candidates

We’re looking for more than just a full stack developer with experience – we want someone who’s excited about the possibilities, eager to learn, and ready to dive into every aspect of the protocol. Strong hard and soft skills are a must, but your passion and curiosity are equally important.

Mentoring hours per week

Starting 1-2hs of calls per week but more if needed.

Work hours per week expected

Starts ~8hs a week, ends ~20hs a week. Can be discussed.

Duration of the program

2 months.

Trainee contribution expected during the training program

Understanding of the protocol. Direct contribution to the frontend, backend, new contract features, subgraphs, etc.

Salary Range


Protocol equity position


To apply, please reply in the comments with a description about yourself


Hi AgusDuha!

I am cmoorelabs, a recent computer science graduate and currently a front-end developer, where I work on user interfaces for a NFT gaming company. I am constantly looking for new ways to learn and love new challenges.

One way I challenge myself is by participating in hackathons. In a recent hackathon, I collaborated on a climate monitoring platform where I built a back-end in python to process data from ground sensors. This involved collecting data, uploading it to IPFS, and then storing it in a Chainlink oracle for future use. Since the hackathon has ended, this has now turned into an active side project.

Through school, I worked on my capstone where I applied machine learning to classify different crops through satellite data. I was able to gather data from my local county and use the model to see local crops. This project was insightful and helpful in teaching me new technical and problem-solving skills.

I also run a YouTube channel, where I share programming tutorials. I have discovered that teaching actually helps me understand topics better. As a small content creator, the Grateful project looks very interesting!

I would love to participate in this mentorship and join the Grateful team to deepen my knowledge in web3!

Thank You!

Github - cmooredev (cmoorelabs) · GitHub
YouTube -

My name is Danny I am based in California. I am a master student and was previously a SOC analyst at a company. I have always been intrested in web3 and blockchain technology. My favorite part has always been the audits. I have participated in a couple blockchain ctf the most notable one is paragdim ctf and ethernaut CTF you can look at my write up here GitHub - dannytzoc/Ethernaut_Solutions . I have also competed in C4 audits last year in 2022. I also have a YouTube channel in which I just go over CTF problem either in HTB or CTF problems that I found done recently in the past. One of the most strong features I have is curiosity and teamwork. I always like learning from other and I love working with new people and getting to learn from others.
My YouTube Channel

Hello everyone
Myself Anurag Asawa. I am a full stack developer having experience of working in startups and have ample amount of projects in blockchain (NFT marketplace and de-gdrive ) with open source experience. Apart from that my enthusiasm to learning new techs and ready to face all challenges can benifits the grateful. It would be great if I got opportunity to contribute in growth of grateful


Went through the mentioned details about the position and expectations.

Here is my background,

I have overall 6 years of experience working as a Full Stack Developer(Frontend leaning) for multiple early age domains.

For past 2 years, I have developed interest in blockchain and switched to web3, and started working for an initially building Private Yield Defi protocol leveraging ZK SNARK proofs to ensure seamless privacy, security accumulation.

Then we pivoted(in November, 2022) to Zero Knowledge proofs through Semaphore to guarantee complete providing DAOS with an anonymous space to evaluate proposals, bias and fear of reprisals are eliminated ar happen in a conducive manner.

In addition to this, I have passion for writing tech blogs and Open Source Contribution, I have written articles and also contributing to Semaphore project.

Here is my Github and LinkedIn,



I’m Mahesh, Full stack Blockchain developer.

I have experience in building defi & nft applications(built couple of projects like dex inteterface, full stack defi staking application, etherscan clone, Nft marketplace, web3 dashboard & wallet, coingecko interface.

I’m well versed with EVM fundamentals, gas golfing, security pitfalls and best practices. Learning formal verification atm.

Here’s my work:

Portfolio site:

Github: MaheshMannava (___Maheshhh) · GitHub


Dimitar here. I have been working as a Web Developer for 5+ years, focused more on the front-end but back-end is also familiar territory to me. Two years ago I started pivoting towards blockchain development with the help of ConsenSys Blockchain Developer Bootcamp.

After successfully finishing the bootcamp I started working as a Web3 integration developer in a gaming studio that was working on a play to earn game. Working for this company gave me exposure to various Web3 libraries such as ethers.js, web3.js, wagmi… and also Solidity. At the beginning of 2023 I decided that I want to upskill in Solidity and smart contract security so I joined the Advanced Solidity Bootcamp from RareSkills. Throughout this time I have gained experience in some advanced Solidity techniques, low level programming and the EVM, I have placed in top 16 in Secureum RACE 17, placed 2nd at a workshop hosted by Veridise (security focused company), managed to get to a later stage in the hiring process for the OpenZeppelin Blockchain Security Researcher Fellowship program (did pretty good on the technical interview but on the leadership call one of the hiring managers was not satisfied with my practical experience)…

I find this opportunity to be quite challenging and I want to be part of the earliest contributors to the Grateful project.

Github: dmtrbch (Dimitar Bochvarovski) · GitHub

LinkedIn: Dimitar Bochvarovski | LinkedIn