Ethernaut Survey 2021 Conculded

Hey everyone, the Ethernaut 2021 survey has concluded, and although this is not a proposal itself, it will inform future proposals, that’s why I chose to have in the “Proposals” category.

We had 79 responses from Mentees and 11 responses from Mentors. That right out the bat gives us an indication as to the demand there is for onboarding on crypto and the narrow passage that’s available.

I will make a very cursory analysis of the results, based on what I see, reading the analytics. I will sort my observations from most relevant to the DAO to less relevant.


  1. A ratio of 1 active mentor for each 8 active mentees has been established. (11 to 79 responses).
  2. The primary motivation for mentors is to give back and hone their skills through that process. Any additional compensation would bare no effect on their commitment.
  3. Most mentors can offer between 1 to 2 hours of their time helping mentees onboard.
  4. Most mentors would prefer to help by doing code reviews and helping online on discord.


  1. Most mentees are on the first layer of understanding level of crypto, where they’ve dabbled with etherscan or maybe wrote a script that reads from a contract.
  2. Most mentees want to pivot their career into working full-time for crypto.
  3. Most mentees would prefer to be trained either on small groups or have their work peer reviewed.
  4. Most mentees would be happy to work on a project commissioned by the DAO to learn amongst the experts.

As I said, these are cursory observations. We should take the time to look deeper into the data and the relations between segments and cohorts to get a deeper understanding of the needs.

The debate is now open, with your help lets extract any and all useful insights, as well as ideas and proposals on how to get there.

As a mentee, I can say that the conclusions drawn are very accurate, at least to my situation.