Vee is looking for first cohort of students for Solidity Blockchain Bootcamp

Hi Veronica,
I filled the form and excited to learn from you!

Hello Veronica!

My name is Cody and a Sophomore in University studying Cybersecurity and Computer Science. I’ve taken a interest in cryptocurrency, DeFi, and dApps in the beginning of 2021 and would love to break into the DeFi field. I am looking forwards to expanding on my programming skills and write effective and secure smart contracts <3.

Hi Veronica!

I’m from the Philippines and am looking to get into learning more about solidity. I have a corp / project finance background, buuut I did take some 101 classes in college so I do have some knowledge of Javascript. I am interested in breaking into the eth space with the focus on helping or working for a DAO.

I’m currently enrolled in the consensys bootcamp but would love to get more training!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Hi Vee, I’m Njabulo from Joburg. I have a a Marketing degree and founded two organisations (corporate gifts and fashion marketing) in the past.

Always wanted a career in tech but never thought I had the technical know-how to break through. During the pandemic I was out of work and began watching videos about tech and slowly began down the rabbit hole of learning about tech.

Around early June this year, I came across the blockchain space and have been consuming web3 content ever since.

I started with the Chainlink Developer bootcamp in mid-July. I then did cryptozombies, the Consensys Bootcamp Prep course, reading solidity docs. This month of September I accepted to be part of Chainlink’s community advocate program to grow my knowledge and web3 network. I was also in an accountability Telegram group organised by Joe Previte with three other people who want to be crypto devs.

My goal is to be a solidity developer with the long term goal of eventually being experienced enough to audit projects.

Your mentorship will help me in my roadmap to break through professionally into web3, and I hope to do the same at some point to mentor other South Africans find their place in the blovkchain space.


Hey vee! I’m a recent graduate working as a data scientist. Been interested in the crypto space since the past year, four months back decided to learn solidity, went through cryptozombies some Udemy courses, made some react dapps with truffle/hardhat. Looking for ways to make the career transition and a bootcamp would be a great opportunity!

Hello Veronica,
I’m Vojta from Prague, Czechia. I’m a professional web developer working for large international clients. I have been in the space for 12 years now. My main focus is WordPress sites, so the tech stack is PHP, CSS, JS (not very deep). I have already started learning Solidity and am working on some dApps at the moment. I would like to get more into it and professionalize my approach.
Looking forward to working together!

Hello Veronica,

I’m Mogashni from the Netherlands. I’m a mom, an online entrepreneur and a self taught graphic designer. Over the last few months I’ve taken a dive into the world of Blockchain specifically Solidity. My goal is to ultimately continue to work 100% remotely but then as a Solidity developer so I can be there for the kids and do something in incredibly passionate about.

Over the last few months I’ve been diving into basic Solidity courses and Blockchain courses; I’ve done some Ivan on Tech as well as Udemy courses.

My focus so far has been only on learning Solidity. My learning methodology leans itself to learning efficiently; all new concepts I learn are captured in Obsidain and I’m constantly referring back to what I’ve learnt to re-Inforce concepts I’ve learnt.

More so I’d love to be one of the few woman like yourself entering the dev space in Blockchain.

I’m also ready to/and currently am spending 4-6 hours a day purely dedicated to moving towards my goal of becoming a solidity developer.

I look forward to hearing from you and all the best with the decision of choosing the right people to mentor.

All the best,

Hey Veronica,

Looking forward to following along with the videos when they become available. Thank you for doing this.


Hi Veronica,

I’m mpj, and I’m interested in learning and contributing to your bootcamp.

I’m a strong web2 engineer that is currently interested in doing more web3 stuff. I also manage community on the side. I want to join your bootcamp while contributing to web3 community at large.

I hope I can join your team!

Thank you


Hi Veronica,

I’m Gus from Buenos Aires. I’m a systems analyst and currently work doing data migration. Right now I’m enrolled in a 1 year Full Stack Dev course.

I’m looking for a career change into a position where I can code and also in the crypto ecosystem, so Solidity meets both requirements for me :slight_smile:

Been doing some free tutorials that I have found to gather knowledge and experience: CryptoZombies, Ethernaut challenges, DApp University; and reading as much docs and resources as possible.

Looking forward to take my skills from 1 to 2.


Hii Veronica!
I’m a postgradute student from China. I’ve learned Solidity myself for a while and reviewed some mainstream DeFi dapp like uniswapV2 & V3, aave.
Now I’m tring to get a job of crypto so I want to improve my skill.

Thank you for your bootcamp!

Hey Veronica.

I’m a software engineer from Portugal that wants to make the jump from web2 to web3 as soon as possible. I’ve been learning on my own, mostly by following tutorials and solving challenges.
I am eager to pick up the pace and I think this Bootcamp will do just that.