Solidity for the people

Santiago Búa (

Hello everyone,
my name is Santiago, im 20 years old. Im from Buenos Aires, Argentina. im currently helping in a low resources school in the outsides of Buenos Aires called Mano Amiga. There, students learn how to code(and they are actually pretty good, they´ve won some competitions). and I thought to myself, why dont we teach them Solidity in order to:
1)give them a possibility to insert themselves in the market
2) for themselves to dive in the crypto world
3) for themselves to learn an additional coding language
4) to add value to their lives and also to the crypto ecosystem and specially argentinean crypto ecosystem

For that, I need help. Although I consider myself a crypto enthusiast since a lot of years, I dont know how to code in Solidity, thats why a need your help to:
a) set up a glosary and help me organize the topics that must be taught
b) volunteers to help the kids by guiding them in a zoom/meet monthly
c) any one who wants to give a hand

Anyone who´s interested in the project dont hesitate in contact me, the project is very early and im moving by my own getting contacts and help. My final goal is to add value to the ecosystem through education

How old are these kids?
Do they have any programming experience

17/18 years. They do code and they are pretty good actually, they´ve won some competitions.

Well, in that case they probably know more than me on churning out code

I could help with managing small projects as I do in my current career

Fancy that. I was not expecting to see another person from Argentina around these parts. Kudos to you. I’m an absolute newb when it comes to crypto and blockchain BUT… once I get enough experience I’d love to give you a hand!