Scry - A mentorship for open source, permissionless and decentralized oracle infra

About Me and why am I mentoring

Hi my name is
pr0, looking for help in building out dope infrastructure and tools in the space as well as enable people to create actually useful tools using much higher scale and more controlled data, with much better decentralization

Training Will/Won’t be for a protocol

Will be based on oracle infra

Number of trainees: (max 2 advised)

1 primary intern-like mentorship, up to 2 potential sub mentorships to use the protocol to build their own tools using the oracle infrastructure.

Training Will/Won’t target a job position

Potentially if the projects able to get funding and performance matches expectation.

Target position will/won’t be remote


Minimum requirements for trainee candidates

Must have atleast basic understanding of dev envs and tools. Like you need to be able to set up VS code, set up hardhat, aswell as basic JS skills. Am open to newer people as long as you have the ability to act independantly and find stuff out for yourself. This role is not for people that need their hand held, it is more of throw into what it’s like to actually build in the space for a new protocol. You will mostly be autonomous in the role unless where help is needed or the problem complicated, ie, do not ask how to install hardhat, but do ask how to design say a protocol that uses options, how to set expiry so that it can be perpetual or like for input on design ideas. Am looking more for motivation and dedication/interest in Crypto than am skill. Passion required for the space generally. Must be fluent/proficient in English for the Intern role as it will involve conducting workshops for others, helping set up infra for networks.

Mentoring hours per week

2-4, 2h will be allocated per person, am willing to do 4 as long as its not hand held guidance but actually meaningful mentorship.

Work hours per week expected

For the intern role it’s up to you, if you take 2h what would take 8h for others theres no problem. Am results focused not participation focused. Would recommend about 8h atleast though, preferably someone that either is studying and on break or able to do this relatively for 10-20h. Looking for people who want to build not just that want to get a skillset for their resume.

Duration of the program

2 month trial will see how it goes for intern / funding. 1-2 months for sub mentorships and people to build their own tools using the oracle infra

Trainee contribution expected during the training program

You will be expected to help with workshops, setting up networks and infra, creating tools, helping with front end/contracts, helping with grant proposals, outreach and project support.
Sub mentorship
You will create a dope new dapp. WHatever you want. Using oracle infra, effectively an idea that requires offchain data so the scopes open.

Salary Range

If the protocol gets funded probably looking at 80-120k depending on the skills, performance and general fit.

Protocol equity position

None, if brought on as a team member am open to allocations.

To apply, please reply in the comments with a description about yourself. Please say where you’re from for timezones


Really happy to connect, my name is Ivan and I am based in Hamburg, Germany. My day job is as Product Manager building applications mainly in the logistic and supply chain industry but I have been diving into programming and web3 hacking in particular for over a year now. I have no problem setting up my environment, Hardhat, Remix and even playing around with some SDKs as Alchemy’s as well. Would love to talk to see if I would be a good fit for you and to talk about what we can build together.
My github profile

Looking forward to any feedback and have a great day.

Hi, my name is Tiki, throwing my hat in for the chance to be a part of your mentorship program in the space!

First off, I’ve got a solid grip on JS/TS, Hardhat and a bunch of other tools, no hand holding required. I love diving into new challenges and figuring things out on my own and this is really my thing. Which is why this opportunity really resonates with me.

I am not very experienced with production Solidity/web3 infra, which is exactly why I would love this opportunity. I do have solid foundation in Solidity though, through learning, including some advanced topics (among other things I took an expert-solidity bootcamp). Getting “thrown into what it’s like to actually build in the space for a new protocol” is EXACTLY what I need to move forward and the kind of guidance you describe is also exactly what I am looking for.

I’m very familiar with ethers, hardhat, foundry, backend and frontend frameworks and have actually built a few things that have web3 integrations like and polkawatch.

I’m ready to help with workshops, set up networks and infrastructure, create tools, and support projects. I believe in collaboration and will do whatever it takes to make this project shine.

I am willing to put in the time needed to succeed! Output oriented work is what I prefer. I am freelancing so I have a lot of flexibility. I am not kidding, this will be my priority and I won’t let you down.

I’m currently in utc+8. Feel free to reach out with any questions, or if you want me to send over some references of people I worked with.