Proposal: Require reimbursement in kind for all "mentorships"

Title: Require reimbursement in kind for all “mentorships”
Authors: thanpolas
Date: 28/Jan/2022


Since the beginning of Ethernaut DAO, “mentorships” and “mentors” has been an integral part of what the DAO does operationally. This has happened unquestionably till today, any protocol that needed to perform a “mentorship” was freely promoted by our DAO.

I propose that we now require reimbursement in kind for all “mentorships”.

The Proposal

First, we need to be clear on our terminology and call an apple as an apple. “Mentorships”, are basically hires with “in-house / on-the-job” training. As such, they do not differ from any other common job advertisement, except they have this one extra bullet point:

  • No need for prior experience on web3 needed, we will train you on the job.

So, now that we’ve cleared terminology, and agree that a “mentorship”, is effectively a job advertisement, we should ask for a reimbursement for the service we provide of promoting to our members the job advertisement of a protocol.

What I am proposing, is that we make an agreement “in kind”. And there are two main reasons for that:

  1. A monetary exchange would present a lot of problems on many aspects, it’s a taxable transaction for one. It’d also require extensive governance approvals on the other end as well. And at the end of the day, we don’t really need funds.
  2. We really need to be producing content for our DAO in order to achieve our goals and objectives.

I strongly believe, that “Producing Content” is the key to achieving our goals and mission as a DAO. A reminder of what that is:

Help as many web2 engineers as we can transition to web3.

So, asking for the protocol to commit resources before we promote their “mentorship”, is only fair and benefits everyone.

To be more specific, I am suggesting that this “content”, comes in the form of a presentation on any topic the protocol likes. Naturally, it’ll have to have an educational purpose and be directed at engineers. As long as those two conditions are met (educational + for engineers), the protocol may choose any subject to give a presentation about.

Ethernaut DAO would host the presentation and promote it, and as a kind gesture, we’d also promote their “mentorships” program, through global mentions on our discord, tweets and any other propagation methods we can employ.

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Sounds good to me. Another option for a reimbursement “in kind” is promotional material in the sense of making public that they got trainees through ethernautDAO and the results of their mentorship. Most mentors will do it anyway, but having guidelines and it being a requirement will make it more consistent and effective.

Great idea. Quality educational content seems incredibly scarce right now, especially at the intermediate difficulty level.

Also, producing content will help the DAO attract more people, both mentors and mentees.