Parth - I want you to develop security mindset with development of smart contracts

About Me and why am I mentoring

Hi my name is Parth and I am currently Junior Security Researcher at Spearbit and Smart contract auditor at Oak Security. You can find me at twitter and Github. I also help various companies in smart contract development. I really enjoy helping others with their Solidity and Smart contract security questions and sharing my knowledge, so I want to give back and help people that are either starting out, or want to get better at Solidity.

Training Will/Won’t be for a protocol

Training doesn’t target specific protocol but we will try to get better at understanding different protocols.

Number of trainees: (max 2 advised)


Training Will/Won’t target a job position

The goal of this mentorship is for you to become a better solidity dev with security mindset quickly by being able to solve problems quicker.

Target position will/won’t be remote


Minimum requirements for trainee candidates

I am looking for candidates that are dedicated to develop their Solidity skills. The ideal candidate has been working on Solidity projects on their own. If you have open source contribution or have experience in web2 but new to web3, I suggest you to apply.

Mentoring hours per week

3-4 hours

Work hours per week expected

This is totally up to you. I estimate about 8 to 20 hours depending on your expertise today and time available.

Duration of the program

1 month but can be extended depending on the trainee’s availability.

Trainee contribution expected during the training program

At the end of the program, trainee should be able to understand smart contract of ScryProtocol and able to offer some thoughts on design decision and find vulnerabilities(if any) and should be able to understand Uniswap V2 at the end of the program,

Salary Range


To apply, please reply in the comments with a description about yourself


Hi Parth,

About Me

My name is Stephan and I am excited to apply for your mentorship program. I have been actively involved in the blockchain space for the past couple of years. I have experience with smart contract development, security auditing, and decentralized applications. I am eager to become a better solidity dev with and develop my security mindset. Ultimately, my intention is to learn more about security best practices and techniques as I aim to become an auditor. I am based in New York City and operate within the Eastern time zone.

Currently Working On

  • Web3/Solidity Projects: I am currently building a decentralized exchange, while completing the Ethernaut CTF and Secureum boot camp. Next, I will audit projects on Immunefi and Code4rena. Following this, I will apply for a security apprenticeship with Trail of Bits. Prior to my current focus, I completed my master’s in blockchain at UNIC as a Coinbase Scholar
  • Career: I currently lead business development and strategic partnerships within the digital consumer banking unit at Goldman Sachs


I can dedicate 25-35 hours per week to your mentorship. I am available for at least 3 months.


I learned of blockchain in 2012, when I was introduced to Bitcoin as a computer science student at Dartmouth College. My passion for the space has grown since DeFi Summer when I realized the potential to serve billions of users.

Since, I’ve gained practical knowledge by trading, mining, staking, borrowing, and swapping tokens. While studying past exploits and diving into the EVM, I noticed a gap in auditing and security. I’ve been motivated to learn Solidity so that I may better understand how smart contracts work and assist the community with increasing the security of products including bridges, protocols, and exchanges.

You Can Find Me On

Personal Goals

  1. Future Role: I will secure a security apprenticeship, move into a full-time role as a smart contract auditor, then transition to an independent auditor
  2. Knowledge: I intend on mastering Echidna, familiarizing myself with ZK, and deepening my CEI knowledge
  3. Teaching Others: Once I have demonstrated experience, I will share my knowledge with others in the security community via workshops, blogging, and mentorships. I would like like to provide free security audits to new projects that have limited resources

I would like to expedite my learning process and would greatly benefit from your tutelage. Given your extensive Solidity and auditing expertise (including your experience as a Junior Security Researcher at Spearbit and Smart contract auditor at Oak Security), I believe you would be an excellent mentor, and I would be honored to learning from your expertise. I am committed to putting in the time and effort necessary to get the most out of our mentorship.

Thank you for your consideration.


#About me

Hi I’m Kuririn. I was a web 2.0 dev for a long time (15y+), but never professionally, working on my projects/websites. Since the beginning of 2021 I got passionate with web 3. I learned a lot about how blockchains works and used a lot of protocols/dapps (defi, NFTs etc.) and chains via bridges.
I got involved into on little less known blockchains - DeSo (Decentralized Social) and build many small projects there. For example that won in one of the categories of the hackathon. But DeSo doesn’t have smart contracts, just many native primitives and web 2.0 type API.
Last year I started to dabble in Solidity with CryptoZombies course and wrote one simple smart contract in Lens hackathon. I got sucked into different responsibilities, but since the beginning of March decided to go into Solidity full force. I’ve done Solidity Foundations Encode bootcamp and this week I’m finishing their longer Solidity bootcamp (6 weeks). Additionally I’m practicing with the bootcamp homeworks and learning from additional materials. I also solved 2 crypto puzzles by @curta_wtf (one of them with a help, but second on my own). I’ve applied to BNB Hackathon to sharpen my skills and to the advance Solidity bootcamp by Encode (beginning 24th April).

My github:

My twitter:

#Why I want a mentor
I want to be a smart contract security auditor and create my web 3 projects and it would help accelerate my learning speed. There is a lot of materials about basic stuff like ERC contracts, but not many about understanding protocols and this is most interesting thing. I’m highly motivated to learn this and understanding Uniswap (from the smart contract level) or ScryProtocol you shared. Sounds like perfect fit for me.
I have a lot of free time, because own small business and I can choose my own hours. I’m based in CET timezone.
I also applied to other mentorship with security aspect, but if I’m selected for both I think I could mange it.

Thanks for doing this!

Dear Parth,

I’m writing to apply for your mentorship program in Solidity and smart contract development. I have completed the CryptoZombies smart contract course, and have experience as a TA in a basic smart contract course. Additionally, I have participated in some Ethernaut CTF challenges, and have contributed to the front-end mint page of an NFT project and the Alchemy Faucet project.You can find some of my work on Github at 01110111-wave.

I am currently unemployed and have a lot of free time, which I plan to dedicate to improving my Solidity skills and knowledge of smart contract security. I am excited to learn from you and take my understanding of different protocols to the next level.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Best regards.

GM!! My name is Aayush Gupta. I am a Blockchain developer and technical writer.

I am / have

  • CS Graduate
  • Blockchain developer at Lighthouse
  • Chainlink Community Advocate
  • QuickNode Ambassador
  • Build over 70 dapps
  • Publish over 14 tutorials regarding web3 space
  • Contributor of Developer_DAO, LearnWeb3DAO
  • Over 70 POW NFTs

I want to become a better smart contract developer; thus, this mentorship will surely help me.

Hello Parth,

My name is Wilman, and I am very interested in this opportunity to become your mentee. I have been learning all things blockchain for over a year now, and I am keen to take my skills to the next level.

During my journey so far I have completed several courses and challenges. I started with the Consensys bootcamp and Patrick Collins’s 32-hour course. I have also completed the Ethernaut CTF and read the Mastering Ethereum book. Furthermore, I try to participate every month in the Secureum RACE and I have participated in hackathons from ETH Global, Chainlink, Gitcoin, and thirdweb, where I have won prizes totalling about $6000.

My next steps are to solve the Damn Vulnerable DeFi CTF and start participating in Code4rena and Immunefi.

While I feel comfortable with Solidity and React and can build a basic MVP with ease, I would like to enhance my Solidity skills, particularly in security and deep dive into how protocols work and how they interact with each other. I believe that I can achieve this under your guidance.

If you require more information, please visit my Twitter or GitHub and don’t hesitate to reach out.

I am prepared to dedicate between 20-25 hours per week to this mentorship. I am located in Ecuador in the GMT-5 timezone.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my request and thank you for taking the time to be a mentor.

Best regards,


Hello Parth,
I am very pleased & happy to see people stepping forward to mentor/help new comers, and in many ways contributing to the blockchain ecosystem. It’s my pleasure to be part of this ecosystem.

My name is sai and i am from india. I am a full stack engineer with more than 6 years of work experience. I predominantly code in Javascript, Golang and Python. I also good knowledge & exposure in Blockchain, Cloud Technologies, Networking & Penetration Testing(web applications) - hemachandsai (hemachand) · GitHub

I am currently in the process of mastering solidity & exploring various EVM internals. I am going through various free resources available on web such as secureum, alchemy bootcamps, past reports from audit/contest platforms & blogs/twitter post from experienced auditors. Decentralized blockchains/P2P systems always fascinates me, the way different nodes co-ordinate/function to become a single computing machine. I am also a huge fan of mathematics and currently exploring math behind various decentralized exchanges/protocols(Even Zero knowledge proofs too, but somehow i feel the math behind is very complex for me to understand).

I think there is steep learning curve to learn this skill & become a successful auditor and wish to hasten that process under your mentorship. At this point of time i’m more motivated to learn than to earn. Currently i am in a full time job, but can easily manage more than 20 hours per week if required. I really enjoy teaching others (as long as the other person has the curiosity & desire to learn), will give back to the community in ways i can once i am confident & skilled enough.

Looking forward to be associating with you. Cheers!!