Paid Roles Proposal

Title: Paid Roles
Authors: Alejandro Santander, Gonzalo Diez
Date: 26/10/2023


Several of the activities being proposed along with the DAO’s new mission involve a considerable amount of work from DAO members. This proposal introduces a method for identifying, assigning, and compensating such roles.

The DAO paid roles document

All roles must be registered in a public document composed of a table, and a log. The table below is suggested as the first real iteration of the DAO’s paid roles.

Role Minimum People Description Compensation USD Assignee
Council member 5 Review proposals. Vote on governance proposals. Manage paid roles. Manage agreements with projects. Vote on new projects. Represent the DAO in all social interactions. Present reports to the community. 0 per month, check monthly Gon, Ale, Mario, Will, Beskay
Multisig signer 8 Execute transactions on behalf of the council. 0 until activity resumes, check monthly Gon, Alberto, Mati, Sebas, Will, Mario, Beskay, Ale
Documentation admin 1 Organize and maintain the DAOs documentation, both external and internal. Eg. list of multisig signers, paid roles, etc. 200 per month Gon
Grant facilitator 0 Seek grants for the DAO. 5% capped at 20k N/a
Treasury manager 1 Oversee and manage the DAO’s treasury and budget. Ensure the security of the multisig. Stage multisig txs. Report multisig activity to council. 200 per month Beskay
Project hunter 0 Represents the DAO at events and finds new projects to be mentored by the DAO. Review project applications. Make selections of applications and present to the council for voting. 0 per month, but travel expenses can be discussed in a proposal Ale
Project facilitator 0 Find agreements between the DAO and new projects. 5% of what the DAO gets on the first agreement. N/a
Lead project mentor (project owner) 1 per project Main mentor of a project. Ensure the project’s success. Communicate progress to the council and DAO. 0 because specified on each project proposal independently. Ale, Will
Discord moderator 1 Manage and moderate activity in discord. 200 per month Beskay
Forum moderator 1 Manage the forum. 0 for now Gon
Comms lead 1 Manage twitter. Discord announcements. 0 for now Ale

If a role becomes too heavy, the compensation can be increased or the responsibilities can be split out into a new role.

Role assignees

It is the council’s responsibility to ensure that the roles necessary for the DAO’s operation are fulfilled.

The roles can be filled by any DAO member. At first, most of them should be filled by the council, but as the DAO’s activity grows, the council can generate new structures in the organization to fulfill the roles.

Editing the roles

Only the council has the power to edit these roles by majority vote during council meetings.

Any changes to the table must be registered in the log.

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