Mikerah from HashCloak is looking for a Privacy Researcher

About Me and why am I mentoring

Hi my name is Mikerah mostly known as @badcryptobitch on Twitter. I run HashCloak, a small consulting firm focused on the areas of privacy and distributed systems mainly as they pertain to blockchains.

Previously, I worked at ChainSafe on Eth2.0 and other research stuff and before then I was a research assistant at the University of Toronto, pretty much working on the same topics.

Training Won’t be for a protocol

As we are a consulting company, we don’t work on any specific protocols. Further, as this is a research position, you will be given a lot of freedom on what to work on as long as it pertains to privacy enhancing technologies.

Number of trainees: 1

Training Will target a job position

The ideal outcome for this mentorship position is that you come work at HashCloak as a privacy researcher. You’ll be working with our research engineers and other researchers to help clients with their problems and help on our internal projects as well.

Target position will be remote

Minimum requirements for trainee candidates

An ideal candidate would be a beginning grad student with coding skills looking to get their toes wet in industry research.
Someone who wants their graduate research to be used in practice instead of just being stuck as papers.

Mentoring hours per week

There will be 1-2 hours for a call each week and then mostly async communication for most of the week. If more hours are needed for a call, we will schedule that as needed.

Work hours per week expected

We expect at least 5 hours of work per week and no more than 20 hours of work.

Duration of the program

We are looking at 3 months for the duration of the program.

Trainee contribution expected during the training program

The expected outcome at the end of the program is a paper that will be posted on a site like eprint or arxiv.
Throughout the duration of the program, you will write blog posts around the topics that you research.
By the end of it, your paper should be on a topic that is relevant to privacy and cryptography. Due to the duration of the program, we expect the paper to be some sort of survey or SoK but can also be a short paper on an informally defined concept used colloquially in the space defined more formally (e.g. see Zamyatin’s paper on velvet forks for an example of this kind of paper).

Salary Range

The mentee will be compensated during the course of the program. We will pay competitively.

Protocol equity position


To apply, please reply in the comments with a description about yourself


Hello, I am Lev.
Currently a 3rd year Software Engineering student(B.Sc), will be starting my masters in 2 terms(Computer Science that is mainly focused on cybersecurity).
Familiar with the basic concepts related to the field and highly interested in exploring more as I aim towards a career in the blockchain security field.

I will also mention that I lack experience in actual research, been mostly doing technical programming stuff so far.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Hey Mikerah,

I’m going to give it a shot.

Description About Myself

I am Sritanu Chakraborty. I’ve been primarily working as a remote Deep learning engineer/consultant/freelancer for the past few years.

My daily work consists of using deep learning and machine learning models to solve NLP and vision tasks. My interests are Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Graph Theory, Algorithms and Data Structures, Machine Learning.

Recently, I worked on distributed deep learning tools using Horovod, building Mixture Density Networks, implementing various probability distributions in PyTorch, and working with heavy zero, right-skewed data.

I have been at the University of Bergen and Alfred Renyi Institute of Mathematics previously. I did my master’s in applied math and informatics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Apart from consulting, I also work as a freelancer on Upwork. You can take a look at the kind of projects I’ve worked on and my client reviews. Probably, you need an Upwork profile to take a look at all the projects and reviews.

You can find my freelancer profile here : Upwork.

I have been at the University of Bergen and Alfred Renyi Institute of Mathematics previously. I did my master’s in applied math and informatics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Prior to this, I was a backend engineer (primarily Python but also some vanilla JS) and even before that, I was a QA Engineer. In total, I’ve been a backend engineer for ~3 years and working in the Deep Learning space for ~5 years.

Here’s my LinkedIn . And my resume .

Exposure to Solidity and EVMs

I’m pretty new to this space. Just 5 months old. Completed the cryptozombies tutorial, chainshot tutorial, and Stephen Grider’s Udemy course. Also, I’m dabbling in the basics of smart contract auditing in the Secureum workshop.

I’ve built some very basic dapps. Nothing majorly complex.

I do have a very basic idea about EVMs.


I’d love to be a part of the program and delve into privacy research.

Also, my best wishes to the other participants.


Hello Mikerah!!, Love your twitter space it helped me get away from mainstream information out there. I am pursuing Mtech Integrated in software Engineering , in my final year and i have already completed an internship focusing on front-end development . I believe in learning and experimenting and to get full mastery over the field a research work just fits the part. would love being a part of your amazing community and kill it!! I tend to go all in whatever I do and this is something i want to do!!


Hey Mikerah,

This is Sujant, 20, love from India. I always wished to have been in early days of internet lol i was just born at the time but I see the opportunity has come again in Web3.

I really respect the research community as almost no one knows them but they’re literally the people why technology exists.
In college I have started into Blockchain Research under a Professor.
I’m currently more into dev, also a part of Gitcoin, I’m good with Javascript, Python, Solidity and before this I did Neural networks with Machine learning.
I also aim to get to Stanford or similar as a research assistant. This industrial research opportunity is the one which just hit me in resonance, something I have been looking for to break into some serious research work.

I would be really glad if I make it but even if I don’t, someone will and I appreciate your efforts for the ecosystem.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sujantkumarkv
Discord: sujantkumarkv#3056