Mark Tyneway - Optimism - Ethereum Backend Infrastructure Training

About me and why I am mentoring

Hey I’m Mark and I am the Systems Team Lead at Optimism PBC. Find me on Twitter at @tyneslol and on Github at

I’ve been in the blockchain space since 2018 where I was originally contributing to the Bitcoin ecosystem. I then helped to launch a blockchain project called Handshake and then joined Optimism PBC in mid 2020. Blockchain is an incredibly multidisciplinary field and I hope to solve previously unsolvable coordination problems that leave us stuck in an “inadequate equilibrium”.

Training will be for Optimistic Ethereum

Optimistic Ethereum is a Layer Two scaling solution for Ethereum. This means that it is its own blockchain that is able to leverage the Layer One chain (Ethereum) for security and liquidity. This kind of work requires deep protocol knowledge and involves the implementation of cutting edge blockchain research.

Number of trainees: 1

Training will target a job position

The ideal outcome of the mentoring program will be to make you a core member of the Optimism team, joining the Systems Team as a Senior Software Engineer. You will be working on a variety of distributed systems and backend development related problems, from contributing to geth to speeding up the CI. You’ll have a chance to work with a world-class team developing a technically challenging protocol critical to scaling Ethereum.

Target position will be remote

Remote - ideally GMT-4 to GMT-7 (US time zones) but not required.

Minimum requirements for trainee candidates

You need to be a Senior developer. I will be onboarding you to Ethereum at a super accelerated pace. I will not be teaching you how to code.

  • 5+ years of experience in a Software Engineering role
  • 3+ years of experience with Go
  • Experience with Docker, Kubernetes, and cloud engineering preferred, but not required
  • Preferred: Knowledge of blockchain fundamentals, BFT, P2P, Cryptography

Mentoring hours per week

Mentoring will be at most 2-3 hours per week of pure call time. Mostly to explain the bizarre corners of the Ethereum virtual machine, ecosystem things, Solidity nuances etc. I.e. to give you the content that is not yet out there in written form, to unblock you, etc. We’ll share a communication channel for async questions and I’ll do my best to respond promptly.

Work hours per week expected

The idea will be to start with a few mentoring calls, and quickly come up with some sort of work test or hacking project. You can dedicate the amount of hours you like to this project (as well as learning), but I’ll expect you to be able to dedicate more and more hours a week as the program evolves positively.
By the end of the program, and by the time Optimism PBC considers bringing you on as an employee, I expect a a full-time commitment, 40 hours/week. This obviously depends on how well you’re doing, and how confident you feel about ultimately nailing the end goal.
The hours dedicated to the program will be compensated.

Duration of the program

About two months, but could be less, depending on how quickly you start contributing to the protocol, making PRs, etc.

Trainee contribution expected during the training program

Small PRs to the actual Optimism protocol like script improvements, tools, tidy ups, increased test coverage.

Salary Range

We pay competitive market salaries for the best candidates.

Protocol equity position

Optimism PBC has an equity budget that will be a part of the full-time offer. Equity allocation will also be competitive with rest of market.

To apply, please reply in the comments with a description about yourself and a link to your Github + resume.

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I want to use this opportunity to describe fun projects I worked on that helped grow the startups I was working with at the time.

Matic -

Worked on Connext <> Matic (Integrated State channels for faster deposit and exit on matic)

Implemented Subgraphs for pos and plasma (For tracking events for deposit and withdrawal in plasma and pos chains)

Daohaus <> Matic (Implemented a one-click solution for user to deploy MolochDAO on matic)

MolochDAO on Matic (DAOs <> Matic)(A DAO which allows investors to fund decentralized projects)

Biconomy<> Matic(Network Agnostic tools using meta transaction)

Cartesi <> Matic(Built a poker game that using Cartesi virtual machine for computation and deployed on matic)

Deployed Balancer and Aave on Matic

InsureChain(Infosys <> Matic)(Insurance dapp where policy buyer can move policy from one vendor on one chain to another vendor on a different chain)

SupplyChain(Matic <> Flipcart)( Supply chain management dapp which allows manufacturers,wholesalers, and retailers to track the products)

Contributed to various tools built on matic chain such as Token-mapper, bridge-api, staking-api , web wallet

Also helped in solving tech queries of users for these tools

Era swap -

Real estate dapp – Implemented a decentralized rental application where the renter can list a home, Buyer can select the check-in and check out date book the home

Land registration dapp – Implemented a Land registration dapp where user land

IPFS file uploading system – Implemented file uploading on IPFS

Era swap block explorer –Implemented an Etherscan clone

Computeex – Implemented a crypto change platform that fetches the best price from 5 different exchanges

for current conversion

I am also helping opyn build their ecosystem of products with products like Portfolio manager, etc

I have also won Multiple Hackathons and gitcoin bounties with Aave<>Uniswap, Aave <> Pooltogether, Aave <> 1 inch can check out GitHub for more projects


Hi Mark,

I am software engineer with 5.2 years of experience in Data Communication.
I am working on TCP/IP layer 3 protocols like OSPF, BGP, MPLS. I came across Blockchain world around 2017 and since then I am very much interested to learn more about it. I have been learning solidity and will be very lucky to have you as mentor. Please consider me as your humble pupil, looking forward to learn from you. Programming languages I know: C, C++, Javascript, Solidity.

Discord handle: SaurabhShukla#0525
Telegram: Kalu

Hello Mark,

My name is Jin and I am a software engineer with ~5 years of experience at AWS, where I worked on backend engineering using Java. I am looking to switch full time to Web3, crypto. Although my experience with Go is limited, I will spend extra hours to become intermediate proficiency within a few months. I have been interested in the crypto space for ~2 years and have completed basic solidity training and learned about L2s and Eth scaling through various resources (e.g. podcast, articles)

Please let me know if you think I’ll be a good fit.



Hi Mark !

I’m very excited about this mentorship/training. Right now I want more than anything else to be mentored and to learn from people who have the right ethic and work on bringing real value to people. I want to get a deep understanding of the the EVM.

I feel inspired by the vision of Optimism. I want to help make hard problems like social coordination and equality easier to solve. I’ve been working on and researching L1s, DAOs, Defi and mostly Ethereum for well over an year now.
Before discovering blockchains in 2020, I was set on pursuing an academic career in quantum physics.
I’ve always been interested in security and hardware because they’re the building bone of any software project.

At this point, I believe I can have a greater impact by assisting in the development of L2 infrastructure that will empower projects.

Even tho I lack experience in Go, I believe I have the rigth habbits and experience to learn fast enough given guidance and social inspiration.

I’ve been working with C#, TS, Kotlin/Java, Python, Solidity and some Rust the past 5 years of proffesional experience.

I’m determined to learn and be of use to the community as soon as possible and having you as a mentor would accelerate and give better structure to the process.

Let’s connect and discuss :slight_smile:

Discord: Indeavr#2232

Best Regards !