Manuel Araoz - full stack dapp development

Hi Manuel,
I am Haris Shaukat and currently looking for internship training or mentorship in the field of blockchain. I am student in Asia Pacific University of technology and innovation (Malaysia) doing bachelors hons in Computer Science with specialism in Intelligent systems and recently completed my 2nd year out of 3 and now looking for internship training/mentorship along with that I have developed huge interest in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and really thrived and eager to learn more about this technology with some practical experience with you i am well familiar with all the basics of blockchain technology and know a bit of solidity too but haven’t worked much on it yet. I saw this posting of you and see that you are offering a great opportunity by helping trainees or beginners like me excel in this field so i would love to be mentee of you and i assure you my full dedication to whatever the learning experience you will be providing me. If you will be required any other information please do DM me. My other contacts as follow:
Telegram : harisshaukat
Discord handle: Haris#2212

Hi Manuel,

I am interested as well in becoming your trainee!


  • EE undergrad, Robotics/CS master (will finish my thesis in September)
  • focus of my studies is Computer Vision/Deep Learning
  • discovered web3 a couple of weeks ago
  • will be available full time starting at ~20th of September
  • read most of Mastering Ethereum
  • working my way through Crypto Zombies right now
  • hobbies: soccer, long distance running, everything sport related
  • favorite books: Surely you are joking, the man who loved only numbers, master of doom

Coding experience

Github: JanRuettinger (Jan-Hendrik Rüttinger) · GitHub
Tech stack: Python (Pytorch, FastAPI), JavaScript (React/NextJS), TailwindCSS

  • Clubhouse Bio Editor (simple tool but solved an actual need)
    h ttps:// (100k page views)
  • Mini social network to review research papers from preprint servers (freelance project)
    h ttps://
    *Piano progress tracker (raspberry pi connected to e-piano streams data to backend)
    h ttp:// (I moved → Raspberry Pi is not connected anymore)
    Cook and run event organizer tool (organizing tool for special type of cooking event for hundreds of people)
  • h ttps://
  • Developed several trading bots for Bitclout
  • WWDC 20 scholarship for an app thats Shazam for dance style recognition (record short audio snippet and get back a prediction of what dance style you can dance to it)

=> internship projects are not public


Dapp ideas

  • NFT + web based chat (only holders of an NFT of the certain category have access to the web based chat room)
  • Integrate NFT based access in mattermost (open source chat client + server)
  • NFT game similar to crypto zombies where NFTs can be merged
  • Family wallet with multi sig functionaly

Thank you for offering this!


Hi everyone! I’ve reviewed all of your posts and decided to move forward with chat “interviews” with @Kayaba-Attribution, @notravarius, @elite9095, @karmacoma, @VeryCB and @Jan. If you are on the list and are still interested in the mentoship, please message me privately so we can chat! Our goal will be to launch a full dapp in the next 3 months. Some ideas I have:

  • minimask: a minimalist and fast(er) version of metamask
  • nft building game: for example each NFT is a railroad track, and you can place them in a shared map.
  • nft crafting system: from erc20 materials, build items
  • nft genetics engine: each NFT is a DNA strand which can “reproduce”.
  • betting games: deposit ETH, use hashed commits to announce decisions, iterate rounds of some game, at the end, winner takes all deposits.

If you message me, please pick one idea (from my list or your list) to discuss in more detail, and we’ll take it from there.

To everyone else, thanks for applying, and hope you find some other mentor! Honestly, picking the finalists was harder than I expected…

pairing closed. I chose @Jan as my first mentee. Thanks to everyone who applied and hope you find a great mentor soon!

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