Manuel Araoz - full stack dapp development

About me and why am I mentoring

Hi my name is Manuel Araoz. I’m the cofounder of OpenZeppelin, where I was formerly CTO. As part of that role, I mentored many devs (and other roles) as they were joining the crypto space, so I have a pretty good (and opinionated) idea on how one should learn Ethereum development: building a full dapp from scratch.

My mentorship program will consist of you building a dapp from scratch (including project setup, open-source contribution workflow, smart contracts, front-end, and test suite) and me giving weekly advise and review to help you ship it and learn in the process.

I’m mentoring because I’d love to help younger folks find the thrill of building something that runs in a global decentralized computer. To me, deploying a smart contract still feels like launching a satellite to space.

Number of trainees:

:one: for now. Might expand to more according to how it goes.

Minimum requirements for trainee candidates

  • self motivated, curious, and confident
  • has previous development experience of some kind

Mentoring hours per week


Work hours per week expected

Up to trainee, but must be self-motivated to push forward on their own. I expect weekly reviews of an educational dapp we’ll be building.

Duration of the program

3 months

Trainee contribution expected during the training program

Weekly progress on simple dapp to review together and evaluate next steps.

Additional Info

  • Training won’t be for a protocol (unless you want to)
  • Training won’t target a job position (however, I may hire you as a freelance dev myself or give you a recommendation at some crypto company)

To apply, please reply in the comments with:

  • a description about yourself,
  • something you’ve already built (non-crypto ok of course), and
  • some ideas of simple dapps you’d want to build with me while learning (only if you have them, don’t force it. we can always brainstorm together).

Selected candidates will be messaged privately for 1-on-1 informal chat before finalizing the pairing.


Hi Manuel,

I am Aakansha, working as a Systems Engineer at Cisco. I started learning about Blockchain technology about 3-4 months and have been learning Solidity since then. I am also doing a certification course “Ethereum and Solidity: The Complete Developer’s Guide” from Udemy. I have completed the Cryptozombies course (#1 Solidity Tutorial & Ethereum Blockchain Programming Course | CryptoZombies).

I have graduated in Computer Science. I have experience working as a Data Scientist and Data Engineer.
My projects :

  1. Breast Cancer Analysis: In this project, I explored the applicability of machine learning techniques (CART, Random Forests, and Boosted Trees, Naive Bayes) for breast cancer diagnosis using digitized images of tissue samples.
    RPubs - Breast Cancer Data Analysis using R

  2. Automated the tasks of data ingestion from the source(SQL SERVER/ORACLE) to the destination(HIVE TABLES) and finally visualized the data in Qlik Sense.

This would be a great opportunity for me to break into this space and get to building on Ethereum.

An idea for a dapp: A dapp to let users do transactions on Ethereum when users don’t have eth.


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Hi Manuel,

Senior Technical Project Engineer with 7 years of experience with various IT solutions

Dev experience is very low, but I am a fast learner

Crypto Zombie Advanced Completed
Chainlink Bootcamp Completed
Currently working to solve Ethernaut challenges and build a small dapp template for public use

Look forward to an opportunity


Hey Manuel,

My name is Horacio, I work as an Engineering Lead at a software development agency doing full-stack development and leading + mentoring small groups of developers. Regarding blockchain development, I have some experience with Solidity (Ethernaut challenges and a few online courses), and I’m currently learning Rust for smart contract development.

Frankly, I don’t have an idea for my first serious dApp, but I’d like it to be related (if possible) to distributed storage.

Thanks for your time!

Hi Manuel,

I have been working in Financial Services industry for past 6 years, mostly helping build Finance and accounting systems for enterprises as a product manager. I have been following the Blockchain ecosystem passionately for as long, and helped implement enterprise blockchain systems as well.

Recently completed Ethereum bootcamp and want to continue building Dapps to support businesses running wholly on Blockchain - couple of ideas:

  1. Triple entry accounting Dapp for businesses building and selling onchain (e.g., NFT marketplaces that only accept crypto for payments that need to record they finances for statutory reasons but want to automate work done by accountants)
  2. Dapp to consolidate and standardize yield and risk data across yield farms (as a means of generating greater transparency to investors trying to evaluate risk adjusted returns).

Projects I have built:

  • Finance system for Insurance startup, allowing to scale across 5 countries in circa. 6 months (ambitious for tradition financial services companies)
  • Dashboard which collects yield data across farms (e.g., Aave) and tokens (Dai, usdc, usdt) and generates an average rate across stablecoins - allows investors to determine average market yield when evaluating their investments.

Hello Sir,

I am Hritwik, currently a pre final year student.I have been challenging myself with web3 hackathons from the last year.I am still taking part in hackathons so we can work on making those submission better.I have some dapps which are not that complex but it would be a great honor to work under your guidance to make one of my ideas come to life
Adding my linkedin for more information -

Thank you for your time and consideration!

FYI, Manu was my first mentor! <3


Hi Manuel,

I’m currently an engineer, evangelist and product manager working for nginx. I have about 8 years experience in the IT industry but I’m new to the Ethereum ecosystem. I have some experience programming in Solidity. I’ve created some basic ERC-721 smart contracts and dabbled with many example in scaffold-eth.

I’m looking to dedicate the next year to becoming more proficient in Full Stack Ethereum development. I’m hopeful that I can build a unique NFT platform for digital content creators. Thanks for any help you can give.

Hi Manuel,

I am Juan David Gomez Villalba!

About me:

  • Originally from Colombia but immigrated to Canada 2 years ago
  • Second Year Computer Science student at the University of London
  • Particularly interested in VR games and Artificial Intelligence
  • Love learning how everything works and ask a lot of questions

Experience and Projects:

  1. Just completed Preethi Kasireddy’s Ethereum Bootcamp
  2. Build the MVP for a EVM compatible Secure Launchpad dapp
  3. Build a python API to trade BEP-20 tokens on PancakeSwap using Web3.js
  4. Created tracker+alert software to track “whale” addresses and send notifications via Telegram
  5. Freelance creating BEP-20 tokens and token listing sniping bots
  6. Working on a service that automatically detects BSC scams by scanning the smart contract and detecting common vulnerabilities

Dapps Ideas:

  • DeFi Interest Yield platform with a build-in lossless lottery.
  • Procedural NFTs Art using P5.js and Processing (math related)
  • VR NFT betting game, think 1v1 colosseum tournament.
  • Develop software to easily integrate ERC1155 token standard to NFTs games.
  • AI that identifies fast and accurately ERC20/BEP20 contract code for vulnerabilities.

My GitHub:

Hi Manuel!

a description about yourself,

I’m Mick. I currently work at Microsoft as a Content PM. Was previously a pubsec IT consultant. Studied Computer Systems Engineering at uni.

something you’ve already built (non-crypto ok of course), and

  1. 2015-2016: FStop(.fm). I built this to make it easier for visual artists to connect. ~50k users, earned PR. This project never made it out of beta. I couldn’t figure out how to monetize as a solo founder, image hosting costs ate me alive.
  2. 2017-2018: GuardMyPad(.com). I built this to learn more about WebRTC, and to provide an affordable home security solution to those in need. Again, never made it out of beta. (my marketing skills are weak).
  3. 2020-current: PMAlerts(.com). I’m building this to help founders/DAOs connect with their target demographic online. It’s a social listening tool, sorta like Google Alerts but for social media. Applied to YCombinator twice with this idea, interviewed once, was rejected both times. ~$200MRR [source].
  4. 2020-current: Karma(.fm). I’m building this as a collaborative self-education platform. I just finished writing a “Build a blockchain with JavaScript” tutorial here. I’m using it to publicly further my understanding of entrepreneurship, tokenomics, economics, philosophy, and a bunch of other things that I need to work on / am curious about.

some ideas of simple dapps you’d want to build with me while learning (only if you have them, don’t force it. we can always brainstorm together).

I’d love love love to experiment with converting Karma from a web2 notetaking app into a web3 dapp that uses social tokens to incentivize “learning together”. I’m particularly interested in using social tokens in a way that isn’t exclusionary - I think “inclusive cooperation” > “exclusive competition”.

I’m not sure where Karma is headed, but I’m feeling a pull towards the “tokenization of ideas”. I’m admittedly new to the space and very fuzzy on the fundamentals of smart contracts and DApp development, but I’m eager to publicly learn, grow, and contribute in a way that helps others (ideally lots of others). I’d feel comfortable going full-time on this or perhaps another idea, especially with your guidance.

Thanks for reading!

Hey Manuel,

About me:

  • Grew up in Africa and Europe but from Guatemala
  • Always interested in learning new and cool technologies
  • Particularly interested in the democratisation of technology


  • I am currently the founder of a B2B app in Guatemala and have developed other apps
  • I have 2 years of experience in Android Development
  • 1 year of experience with Python and Data Science
  • University education in Economics

As for projects, I am interested in developing or contributing to a Dapp that helps with land allocation and ownership. It would be a very interesting project to work on in developing regions like mine where land ownership systems are not very robust.

Hi Manuel,

I am Tyler Quinn; I work as a Controls Engineer on autonomous mobile robotics with my background being a degree in Electrical Engineering and Applied Math. I have started learning about blockchain and the crypto industry about 5 months ago and have really fallen in love with the tech, values, and future goals of the industry. Since then I have been consuming material non-stop to learn as much as I can including whitepapers, podcasts, and using defi heavily. I’ve completed CryptoZombies, browsed through the OpenZeppelin contracts on github, read through a few project’s githubs, and started writing my first dapp. I would really like to transition my career to this industry because I feel like it is a space where I can do the most good and have the most reach.

The majority of the programming experience I have is in C++, Python, and various PLC platforms. Learning Solidity has been going well. I am new to the web development side of software but very eager to learn. Would love a mentor to guide in the right direction for what tools to learn, web development for web3, and best practices / security for smart contracts, and deploying dapps; and opportunity like this would be very valuable to decrease bad habits and speed up the learning process.

Projects I’ve worked on…

  1. During college we had a group that turned a Chevy Bolt into an autonomous vehicle; I lead the computer vision software for lane detection and wrote a model predictive control architecture for lane centering. This was done in Python; deployed and tested in a real autonomous car.
  2. I collaborated with another engineer to write the software architecture of a fleet management system for AGVs (autonomous guided vehicles). This was completed 5 years ago; I and the others at the company I work at have adopted this architecture and deployed dozens of systems in manufacturing facilities.
  3. I wrote a suite of motion control algorithms for smooth acceleration with customization motion profiles also allowing for synchronous and asynchronous motion between multiple robotic systems.
  4. A current project I am working on for fun is making a roomba from scratch (without the vacuum). Mainly doing this to learn the algorithms for localization, mapping, and path planning. This is being done in C++ and Python.

Some dapp ideas…

  1. Golf League Manager: basically an escrow smart contract and web interface that allows for users to join leagues, pay in pre round, submit scores, get auto payouts so league managers don’t need to handle funds, then keep track of player’s progress in the league and award points throughout the season. This is something I have been working on to learn Solidity, Javascript for web3, and how to deploy dapps. I think social dapps like this will be very helpful to onboard new users into the crypto ecosystem and get more people comfortable with the tech.
  2. A DAO that acts as a third party moderator service for smart contracts. Maybe an interface that can be implemented by smart contract developers that uses a multi-sig between the 2 parties of smart contract and a third controlled by the DAO so if there is a dispute a moderator or panel of moderators can come in and settle the dispute. Maybe the moderators are chosen from a pool of token holders and the fees for invoking moderation is sent back to the token holders or selected moderators.
  3. I’ve been pretty interested in bridges lately as well and would like to explore methods of efficient bridges and bettering cross chain composability.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Hey @maraoz how are you doing? My name is Leonel Bianchi. It really makes me very happy when I hear that the greats of an area decide to share their thoughts with others. I read your name for the first time probably 3 years ago in Andreas Antonopoulos’s book (Mastering Ethereum). I noticed your name a little familiar, from Argentina. I did a little research on your work and from that moment on I followed closely your publications and works. Even after reading your post about “Social Media Considered harmful”, I was since January 18, 2021 without using Twitter at any time. Unfortunately a few days ago I logged in again from the computer. I think that’s because I am having a lot of free time now and occupying the valuable times of boredom it’s paradoxically difficult and is closely linked to the use of social media (Isolation - Mind Field (Ep 1) - YouTube and Why Boredom is Good For You - YouTube). I comment you on this because you wrote to share feedback once we do it (I found a good opportunity here, but not the best I guess).

Ok, so I just wanted to give you a little feedback on your work and how I got there. To not make it too long, I’ll tell you a bit about myself:

About me: I am 23 years old, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Putting boring things aside, what I enjoy the most is talking, creating narratives in my mind, reading (now reading Antifragil by nntaleb and The beginning of infinity by david deutsch), watching interviews (Lex Fridman generally or La Caja Negra when I want something more argentine) and listening to music (Hernan Cattaneo is my favourite). Now regarding boring things, I studied civil engineering at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional Buenos Aires. There I was teaching assitant at advanced calculus and programming with python and octave for engineering applications. I worked there in two research groups related to structural dynamics, damage detection in piles and bridges with machine learning and computational models for mechanical engineering applications. Then I focused on statistics and predictive models, so I am now working at a US team in Nielsen company developing machine learning and statistical solutions. I’ve also worked as volunteer on a international project to create a natural language processing model to support people suffering psychological violence on the internet.

Something I’ve already built: I have three main to share (apart from mini-projects I did like website with charts following crypto price trends with LSTM deep learning architectures, natural language processing of tweets, etc.)

  • At my current job I built an open source solution in python/R for an statistical and gradient boosting model that is now soon to be run by all analysts arround the world within the company, to sell predictions and results to clients like facebook or google.
  • As researcher, I tried to build an API that calls a deep learning model trained with artificial and experimental data to predict in which part of a pile or bridge could be a potential damage that must be checked by an expert engineer. It is a very ambitious project, since it involves: collecting experimental data, making tests with real structural elements, making measurements of accelerations and displacements obtained with Arduino, computing this series of data and using it as input from a predictive model (deep learning) and obtain the loss of rigidity in each area of ​​the element as output. Then make a graphical interface of the structure with the results (stresses and strains). I was able to create a predictive proof-of-concept model (which later became a research publication), we did measurements on site but the pandemic prevented us from moving forward with all the rest. But still planning to retake it!

Dapps ideas:

  • Register of all the dogs in the world, so we can know where the family of each of them are and join them to have fun. It makes me a little sad to see my dog ​​at home and to know that I separated her from her family. I think this idea come up after reading your rewilder project.
  • Decentralized voting system to determine endorsed and non-misleading educational content that can be recommended by parents to their children. I feel that today parents do not know what to recommend to their children in educational terms and the internet is full of junk information and guided by those who can exercise the most force in malicious machine learning recommendation systems, with the exclusive intention of increasing the number of views and not quality. and content reliability. (this topic really interest to me, not in dapp terms only but in a way to figure out a solution)
  • Maintain a record of all documents used in the construction of an engineering work. Today it is all very low-tech in that industry.
  • decentralized census
  • decentralized system of penalties and rewards for tasks performed within a work team. That it is not the boss who decides whether or not something corresponds to you, but rather the smart contract. It could be adopted within work teams where you want to delegate that ugly part of telling others what to do and what not to do. It can be used both to define a series of tasks to be carried out by each member, which will be rewarded for fulfilling them; or to comply with regulations within the company (do not ask the human resources people when can you take vacations, leave the decentralized system determine if you can take a vacation). I know that probably is not a good idea for most of companies, but for the ones that want to have clear rules would be amazing, specially knowing that everything is ruled by a predifined algorithm and not by the humor of your employer).

I come from the engineering field, not computer science, and not particulary interested in tech solutions, but solutions anyway. Maybe I wrote a lot, but I left it as natural as possible and without reviewing it.


Hi @maraoz,

I want to thank you for considering taking out some of your time to mentor someone: time is a finite resource that can never be replaced and I really do appreciate you for this; I do not take it for granted.

It occurs to me that billions of people around the world that make up the bottom of the pyramid can be helped to a better life in this blockchain and crypto space, therefore I spend time thinking about how I can help to achieve this; ways to increase yield on meagre investments, pensions for low income people, microloans.

A little about me: I am a self taught developer that learnt about blockchain technology earlier this year and have gone headlong into it as I believe it is revolutionary to solve financial problems for billions of poor people.

I have a few simple projects I built in my blockchain Dev learning quest and would be honored to be mentored by you, so that I can pass on the gesture to others.

You will find my previous work at

Thank you for your time: again, it is not taken for granted.


Hey Manuel,

I’m going to give it a shot.

Description About Myself

I am Sritanu Chakraborty. I’ve been primarily working as a remote Deep learning engineer/consultant/freelancer for the past few years.

My daily work consists of using deep learning and machine learning models to solve NLP and vision tasks. My interests are Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Graph Theory, Algorithms and Data Structures, Machine Learning.

Recently, I worked on distributed deep learning tools using Horovod, building Mixture Density Networks, implementing various probability distributions in PyTorch, and working with heavy zero, right-skewed data.

I have been at the University of Bergen and Alfred Renyi Institute of Mathematics previously. I did my master’s in applied math and informatics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Apart from consulting, I also work as a freelancer on Upwork. You can take a look at the kind of projects I’ve worked on and my client reviews. Probably, you need an Upwork profile to take a look at all the projects and reviews.

You can find my freelancer profile here : Upwork.

I have been at the University of Bergen and Alfred Renyi Institute of Mathematics previously. I did my master’s in applied math and informatics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Prior to this, I was a backend engineer (primarily Python but also some vanilla JS) and even before that, I was a QA Engineer.

Here’s my LinkedIn.

Exposure to Solidity

I’m pretty new to this space. Just 2 months old. Completed the cryptozombies tutorial, chainshot tutorial, and Stephen Grider’s Udemy course.

I’ve built some very basic dapps. Nothing majorly complex.


I’m confident I can pick up things pretty fast and under your guidance, I’m sure I’ll have a great time building some decent complex dapps.

Also, my best wishes to the other participants. Some great replies in the thread. :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch for taking out the time and doing this Manuel.


Hi Manuel, Emanuele from Italy.


I’m a full-stack developer with more than 15y+ of experience in the web world. At the moment I’m working full-time for an Italian startup.

At the moment my more grown-up skills are in

  • React

  • Nextjs

  • TailwindCSS

  • NodeJS

  • Some develops skills with CI/CD on different platforms (aws/vercel/serveless)

  • skills (I use them daily but not as the main one): django/mongodb/most of rdbms

As a developer, I’m passionate about UI and UX and I enjoy it when my development matches the Figma design delivered by our designers. I love to learn but also to teach, in previous jobs I taught to other companies some technology/service that I used and I loved that part (it was in Italian, I’m not as fluent in English as in Italian :D)

I’m also a huge fan of open-source and creating content to allow other users to learn faster. That’s something that I usually do after I’m confident with the topic I’m using. What I usually do is create content that allows users to solve problems/issues that blocked me during my development work.

I approached web3 development since this year (I already gave a try to it some year before but it didn’t grasp on me) and I’m enjoying the journey. I’m the kind of person that always has something in mind to build it and I need to understand how things work to create something of my own.
I’m always used to learn from both guides, videos but also from practicing what I’ve learned with personal projects or reading directly source code from other projects.

Experience in the web2

  • I’m currently working as a senior full-stack developer (react/django) at an Italian Startup
  • I created the Jovo (framework for Voice assistance like Alexa, Google Assistant, Bixby) integration for SAP CAI (Conversational AI)
  • I have created two frameworks on top of Jovo to create and manage (never released because of the new job but they are working perfectly) both Escape the Room and Roleplaying style voice games.
  • I have created with a couple of old-time friends a SaaS for Survey (SurveyLab, closed)
  • I have created on top of SurveyLab (with the same people) a social survey mobile app (both android and iOS) where you could ask friends opinions on topics and see results
  • Also I have created a lot of open-source content on GitHub

Experience in the web3

  • I have started to collaborate with Austin Griffith as a mentor
  • I have released a blog post about Scaffold-eth
  • I have created a blog post that covers the scaffold-eth Challenge 1 where I explain with many details what you need to do and I expand some core concepts about web3, solidity, and blockchain
  • I’m planning to release more blog posts/videos about web3/solidity dev in general (the next one will be scaffold-eth challenge 2)
  • I’m also planning to start contributing to the scaffold-eth GitHub repo bringing some changes (typescript, nextjs version, update to latest solidity/hardhat, add solidity test coverage everywhere, and so on, I have a long list :smiley: )
  • I am very active in a lot of discord/telegram groups, I try to help where I can

My web3 project

To learn better how to work in web3 I’ve started creating a mini-game with both solidity (for the logic part) and react+ethersjs to connect to it.
I think that web3 it’s only at the beginning and it needs talents from every aspect. We need better UI/UX designers, better devs, and better content creators.

This game is a capture the flag style game with some social/marketing twists. I have a lot of ideas in mind but I would like to not overcomplicate it as the first project. With this project, I’m already using

  • React + typescript + tailwindcss + etherjs + typechain
  • Hardhat + solhint/prettier/eslint + typechain
  • Added a lot of unit testing on the solidity side (I need to be sure that everything works as expected
  • Planning to add also nextjs with Vercel integration and The Graph

I’m still in the early part of the project but I’m super pumped and I can’t wait to release it!

Conclusion and why you should choose me

I’m hungry to learn, hungry to dev and create amazing content and projects!
I am a fast learner and I want to create amazing things in this ecosystem. I can feel that I’m always at the beginning of my journey but I want to improve and grow fast to create meaningful projects and contribute to the community.

As I said I have a full-time job but I’m already investing my spare time + weekend to learn so I would love to be able to have the possibility to improve my current solidity/web skills. Roughly I have 2/3 hours per day + all the weekend to invest into web3.

Here are some links to know more about me:

I hope to have the possibility to learn more from you!

Hi Manuel,

I am Jithin, currently a computer science college student. I was introduced to blockchain technology while randomly searching the web and I was so fascinated by the underlying technology. Ever since that, I am learning about blockchain on my own. I have proficient knowledge of C and Java programming languages. Also, I am familiar with basic blockchain fundamentals and have an overall idea of how the system works.

I have not made any noteworthy projects of my own. But currently, I am working with backend development and databases while learning about solidity and ethereum. I have participated in the hackathon conducted by Nervos on gitcoin and was able to complete tasks up to the 6th level.

I thought about a decentralized market application where everyone could buy and sell goods with proper pricing, quality and making sure the exact product reaches the user’s hands.

Blockchain is something that blew my mind and I have so much belief in this tech. I sincerely thank you for taking your time for mentoring us.

Hi Manuel, thank you so much for taking the time to do this!

I moved from Europe to the Bay Area for a postdoc. It was supposed to be a short stay but I ended up getting a job offer at a FAANG and I’ve been here ever since. For me, smart contracts are both an incredibly exciting technology and also an opportunity to move back to Europe while working on something challenging and meaningful.

Over the last ten years, I have worked on application security, low-level compiler work and I am now working on distributed systems. I love to get a deep understanding of technologies from the bottom up. I have an affinity for bytecode-based platforms, because virtual machines provide a satisfying abstraction over hardware with clear semantics. Therefore, I felt right at home reading the yellow paper and learning how the EVM works! I am both scared and excited about the responsibility and the uncompromising focus on correctness that comes with deploying a smart contract that handles user funds.

Something I’ve built

It’s hard to share specific projects without doxxing myself here, I’d be happy to share more details privately.

One project I’m particularly proud of is an Android dalvik-to-JVM decompiler. It was a ton of effort but ended up working beautifully, it involved:

  • understanding the differences between the different bytecodes
  • collecting a significant amount of APKs in the wild
  • properly parsing their bytecode
  • performing type inference to recover information that was required for JVM bytecode but was not explicitly present in dalvik
  • producing valid JVM bytecode that could be consumed by existing tooling
  • the test framework was very satisfying: can you compile the output of the tool and still have a runnable APK?

As a fun application, we used the tool to bypass signature checks in the Google in-app purchase API, which means that we could unlock every IAP in applications that relied on local checks only.

Something I’d like to build

Floor perps! I can’t stop thinking about it since I read Dave White’s paper (Floor Perps - Paradigm). It ticks a lot of boxes of things I find super interesting: depositing NFTs as collateral, minting synthetic tokens, getting a secure price feed, liquidations, composability… If it’s too much for the scope of the mentoring, maybe we can focus on a subset of the functionality.

Hello Maneul,

my name is Markus and I just graduated with a degree in Economics.
I have been following the scene for a while now and have
and decided to get into Ethereum full-time a year ago. I have completed the
consensys developer program and have participated in hackathons over the past year.

My latest project:

Forex Perpetual Protocol for hedging exchange rate risk in DeFi at Hackmoney (finalists):

Unsecured lending based on Proof of Humanity at ETHCC hackathon:

I would love to continue with idea of a forex perpetual contract and start a new project from scratch with your guidance.
I am super motivated and willing to put in the work to get results and fill any gaps in my knowledge quickly.

Thank you!

Hello Manuel!

My name is Bin Cai. I’m a Full Stack Developer with 8 years of web development experience (Frontend, Python, Golang, Ruby on Rails and some DevOps skills).

I have been trading crypto since 2017 and get interested with DeFi from last year (I am a user of BadgerDAO as well). The first project I was farming is YFI, then YAM, Sushi…etc. I really like the idea of Uniswap(AMM).

I love to learn new things and attracted by blockchain technologies, especially smart contracts and Ethereum. I started to learn Solidity/Web3 basics from last month. My first crypto-related project is a bot which can detect liquidity on AMM and swap tokens automatically. You can find it via this link GitHub - Next-DAO/bot (BTW, I’m using the ENS name shep.eth as my github username. While it’s not my primary account)

I believe in web3 and a decentralized world in the future. I’d like to dive into this exciting evolution as a developer and find an awesome job in web3. I will be much appreciated if you accepted my application.

I can spend 30 hours per week to be part of your training. Looking forward to your reply :slight_smile:

You can find my primary Github account and Linkedin page via following links: