How does EXP works

EXP token has a monthly distribution. We will ask you to create a thread in the “EXP claims” category to keep track of every contribution you make. Every time you make an EXP contribution action you can go back to your thread and add it.

The thread must start with:

  • Discord handle:
  • Address where you want your EXP:

Remember EXP is a soulbound token and the more you have the more level you earn.

To earn EXP:

  • Create and deploy a hackable smart contract (Goerly) to be published by the DAO on Saturday. (3 EXP)

  • Be the first to hack the Saturday hackable smart contract (Post the link on your thread, the Goerly address ownership will be verified by an Ethernaut on discord by asking you to perform a transaction)

  • Create updated educational content for developers (3 EXP)

  • Post a mentorship on this forum and complete it (10 EXP) (mentee must verify this went through)

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