Fabrice C from SpringLabs / PuriFi for Smart Contract & Front-end Blockchain

About Me and why am I mentoring

I’m Fabrice, currently Head Blockchain at SpringLabs (Blockchain based data sharing platform focusing on anonymity and data security). In my fun time , I’ve been involved in the Ethereum eco-system by building data analytics tool for DEX (Tracking whales), building automated arbitrage bots (Uniswap/SushiSwap/Balancer), a NFT platform allowing collectibles to earn yields, ETH2 mobile staking app to detect when your validator goes offline, and been an open source contributor to PrysmaticLabs working with the amazing Prysm team!

Happy to help push this community forward in any capacity I can, and hoping we can collaborate in the future!

Training Will/Won’t be for a protocol

Training is hoping to lead to a full-time offer to work on a DeFi protocol

Number of trainees: (max 2 advised)

2 (1 Smart Contract - 1 Front-end)

Training Will/Won’t target a job position

Training is targeting a full-time offer to work on a DeFi protocol at the end.

Target position will/won’t be remote

We’re LA-based, with a preference for on-site hire, but are open to remote (US only)

Minimum requirements for trainee candidates

Mid/Senior engineer with experience in high requirement backend/frontend system (high scale, high security, highly compliant). Candidates must be accustomed to test driven programming approach, and typical product release workflow.

Mentoring hours per week

2-3 hours per week

Work hours per week expected

Flexible, as the duration only last 2 months, recommend any trainees coming my way to absorb as much as they can!

Duration of the program

2 months

Trainee contribution expected during the training program

  • Smart Contract contributions / Exposure to tooling (hardhat) / testings
  • Front-end development and interaction with contracts

Salary Range

Salary will be discussed upon offers towards the end of the mentorship with attractive offers on both base & equity level.

Protocol equity position

Salary will be discussed upon offers towards the end of the mentorship with attractive offers on both base & equity level.

To apply, please reply in the comments with a description about yourself

Hi Fabrice,
Hope you’re well

Im Saadman a recent comp sci graduate looking to get into defi and dapp development and I would like to apply for the smart contract position. Most of my experience is with python although I am familiar with JS and have used it before. I have 4 years expereince working for a few remote start ups which have helped me develop my soft skills for remote working/learning. In terms of exeperience wityh crypto and blockchian, I am a backend python dev at UniWhalesio and have a good highlevel understanding of how most of the defi protocols work (although there are so many things I could learn in the space). In terms of solidity I’ve done cryptozombies and deployed a few basic contracts such as a multisig, a game using chainvrf etc using brownie, I’ve also written some basic tests for these contracts on my local ganache chain with scripts in brownie.
I would love to be your mentee and jump into into on-chain development both feet. I am eager to learn about smart contract security and solidity best practices and will do my best to increase my knowledge to a level where I can be useful to Purifi. I can definitely attend all the mentoring hours and find time on top of that to study and implement whatever topics disucussed. :grin:
Best regards

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Hi Fabrice,

Senior Technical Project Engineer with 7 years of experience with various IT solutions

Dev experience is quite low, but I am a fast learner

  • Crypto Zombie Advanced Completed
  • Chainlink Bootcamp Completed
  • Currently working to solve Ethernaut challenges

Hope you consider, look forward to an opportunity


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Hi Fabrice,

My name is Roberto and I am a Solidity developer with skills with Truffle, Hardhat, web3js, ethersjs, and also JavaScript. I am interested in the smart contract position and am located in Houston, TX.

As a developer, I previously worked on a project that is an undercollateralized lending protocol (link: GitHub - oscarsernarosero/sake: Hackathon ETH Global 2021 Project). Currently, I am working on a borrowing and lending platform for NFTs (link: GitHub - RCantu92/ApeLend: Protocol for lending and borrowing NFTs).

I recently was a contributor for two code reviews for the Ethereum Best Practicers (link: Ethereum Best Practicers · GitHub) through Gitcoin’s KERNEL Block III’s security track.

Next, I am waiting to be updated on my application status to Secureum’s Bootcamp for Smart Contract Security Auditing, as I am looking to increase my ability to write good, secure code. In the meantime, to aid with this goal, I am working through the Ethernaut course.

I believe I could be a good trainee as I am always eager to learn and contribute to a team, and the space as a whole.

I look forward to hearing from you,


Hi Fabrice,

I am a Software developer with 5 years of experience now, working remotely since February 2020 (first due to Covid, and now permanently). I definitely fit into the definition of a Senior dev.

I have a 1.5 years research experience as well where I worked on a single problem for a year.

I started my journey with blockchain tech 6 months ago, and went through some popular beginner resources (including https://ethernaut.openzeppelin.com/ :slight_smile: ). I understood the fundamentals through the ethereum book, and MIT’s course Blockchain and Money. I now spend about 4 hours/day learning about Solidity, defi, and more concepts like MEV, and different stablecoin protocols. I have also used a few defi dapps. I have a fair idea how the popular defi protocols work and currently studying about various stablecoin protocols.

I participated as a solo hacker in HackMoney, where my project won prizes from Compound and Consensys. The project involved developing on react-js, and solidity, meta-transactions, and Compound Protocol. Here is the link to the hack.

It would awesome to have your mentorship to help me break into this space full-time to become a smart contract developer!


Hey gmridul,

Just wanted to say congrats on winning a prize at the Hackathon! I’m planning on putting aside some time to look through your repo later. Welcome to the Solidity space!

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Hey!! That’s great to hear. Let me know if you want to discuss anything :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

I’ll leave this thread open for an additional 10 days, and from there, will reach out to candidates who I think this program will benefit most from it.
Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.



I have 8 years of SWE experience. I’ve been doing Frontend work since SASS is just a ruby gem and Backbone + underscore was the framework to use. I’m comfortable with React, Cypress, testing-library, etc. And I’ve been dabbling in web3; I did the Chainlink Bootcamp a few weeks ago and doing all the tutorials I can find. I also have years of python, node, and rails experience.

I really want to learn how the front end works with contracts and how you do TDD in this ecosystem. I want to keep my full-time job while doing the mentorship, so I can only guarantee 10-15 hours a week - I just want to set expectations.

Other facts about me. I have a non-technical bachelor’s, did a few odd jobs before became an SWE, went back and got my MS in CS.


Hi Fabrice,

I am a senior full-stack software engineer. I have worked professionally in various industries for over 10 years and have experience building back end services, web applications, mobile apps, API’s, auth servers, cloud-based apps and creating/managing deployment pipelines. I’ve spent a lot of my career building with the Microsoft tech stack but have solid javascript experience and have experience with react.js.

I enjoy learning and have endless curiosity, this keeps me motivated especially when I encounter issues I have never faced or foreign concepts. I spend a lot of my spare time building in some way or form as I have a genuine passion for software development and enjoy it. I have worked on a couple of my own ideas and have helped others to bring their ideas to life.

I believe I’ll be the ideal candidate as I have already started building on Ethereum and understand some core concepts. I worked on a fork of Uniswap and modified how orders were sent so they were saved as signed transactions to allow them to be sent at a later date. Doing this work forced me to dig into the code base and docs in order to understand how the Uniswap DApp actually works and interacts with its smart contracts when an order is made. I also developed a new appreciation for the openness of smart contracts as when I have an issue/error I can simply go to the block explorer and look at the contract source code to help figure out the issue. This work gave me real-world experience with concepts and tools, such as ethers.js and hardhat, that I have learned about in multiple tutorials.

I am a passionate, motivated individual and can assure you that you won’t be disappointed by taking me on as your mentee :slight_smile:

Hey Fabrice!

My name is Will and I’m a computer science student. I got started in software two years ago by building software products for early-stage startups. Some of the problems I’ve worked on are in enterprise coaching, real-estate, open-source software, and food tech. I’m primarily full-stack focusing on Javascript (MERN), Python, C, and Java.

I got started in crypto after trading equities and moving to spot crypto, and doing yield farming on the BSC network and doing leveraged trading on Kucoin. My favorite ones were algostable projects that led me to read more whitepapers about the DAI and other stablecoin projects. I’m looking to make the transition into crypto as a potential career, and I think the project-based structure you’ve put in place will be super helpful!


My name is Judah Smith and I am currently a college student. I want to do Smart Contract and Ethereum security. I am currently doing Cryptozombies and learning solidity. At first I was intimidated because I barely saw anyone that looked like me in the crypto space, but with some reassurance I decided that I wanted to be the difference and take that step. I only started coding last December, but I’ve learned Python,Golang, and Flutter and I am now learning Solidity. My drive, work ethic, problem solving skills will make the most out of this mentorship, Thanks you and have a nice day.

P.S Check me out on LinkedIn, even If you’re another developer, let’s connect!
Click Here!

Thank you everyone for your applications.
I’ll reached out to the two selected candidates via discord to confirm that they are still interested to move forward for this mentoring opportunity.

Thank you all for applying again.
This mentorship program will feature Rolfscopter, ETHChainHeavy, and baylogical.
Best of luck to the rest of you guys! We will hopefully collaborate in the future.