EthernautDAO Governance

Ethernauts & Council

  • An Ethernaut is a community member involved with E-DAO.
  • The Council votes and governs E-DAO.

Becoming an Ethernaut

  • PM Dhannte or Ralf, set up a video meeting
  • The candidate is verified through “Proof of Human”

Governance by Council

  • Anyone can submit a proposal
  • 5 days for debate
  • 5 days to be voted by Council Members (Discord Vote)


  • Quorum at 5/7; designated to take quick actions
  • Anyone can comment on actions taken by the council
  • Only verified Ethernauts can object to the actions taken by the council

To move things forward an interim council will be set up for a period of 6 months by those who participated in the first Ethernaut Call. There were 12 Ethernauts at the time the call was summoned, of which 7 attended. Those are:


(If @Will is meant to be me, I’m @wschwab here)

I’m fine with this setup.

Yes that’s you Will!