Ethernaut is looking for female power!

About Me and why am I mentoring

Hi, my name is Ale a.k.a. Ethernaut.

I’ve created the Ethernaut CTF, co-founded the EthernautDAO, did smart contract audits with Open Zeppelin for a while, developed a bunch of contracts and tooling for Aragon, and am currently a core contributor at Synthetix.

Training Will/Won’t be for a protocol

This mentorship will not be targeted at a particular protocol, unless you want it to be. We can do general training and then focus on a challenge, protocol, topic, role, etc.

Number of trainees: (max 2 advised)

One or two. One condition tho! This mentorship is female only; I really feel like this space is extremely unbalanced, and could use a bit more of femenine energy.

Training Will/Won’t target a job position

Absolutely up to you.

Target position will/won’t be remote

(EthernautDAO strongly recommends a YES here)

Everyone does remote in this new pandemic web3 world.

Minimum requirements for trainee candidates

I.e. Javascript experience, familiarity with open source software development, etc.

Semi-senior is ok. You most definitely do need to know how to code. I won’t be teaching programming. The mentorship will focus on what you need to know so that you can get involved with web3 developing ASAP.

Mentoring hours per week

(advised: 2 to 4 hours per week)

One or two calls a week.

Work hours per week expected

EthernautDAO recommends that this is flexible; starts low, and gradually increases during the training, achieving full or part time near the end of the program.

I expect you to spend about 4-8 hours a week in the beginning, but towards the end of the mentorship this could increase up to 20hs a week.

Duration of the program

2 months at most, before considering a hire for the trainee

1-2 months.

Trainee contribution expected during the training program

I.e. PRs to the Javascript layer of a protocol, front end support, etc.

We will be playing with small prototypes, but the goal will be to either build a cool POC, or make consideragle contributions to an existing protocol.

Salary Range

Keep in mind that EthernautDAO’s minimum wage standard is 100k / year

Not applicable, since this mentorship will not be sponsored by a protocol. However, if you do get a job, the salary range should be the industry standard.

Protocol equity position

Not applicable as above.

To apply, please reply in the comments with a description about yourself

Please DM me in the EthernautDAO discord! Ethernaut#2991

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Hey! I’m gaby im a frontend developer w +5 of experience and im currently working for a cripto startup, where I’m creating the project from 0.

I have developed the website for Tezos among others.

If you want I can give you my resume or we can talk!

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Cool! Could you reach out to me in our discord server? I’m Ethernaut#2991

Hello, I’m Rocio, I’m from Ecuador, I’m a backend developer in python and javascript, with basic knowledge of datascience. I would love to have the mentorship, I like to read, learn on my own, have challenges to advance and test my knowledge. Actually I am very interested, I have the time and I am very motivated to learn about the subject. Choose me, choose me Your time will be highly valued and used by me.

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Hi! I’m a web developer, and my curiosity led me to blockchain technologies and participate in Argentina’s crypto community ​. I know the best way to keep learning and progressing, is to work together.


Hi! You wanna message me in discord?

Hey, Ale!
I’m Cielo, front-end dev from Argentina, and currently looking for training related to blockchain technologies.
I have experience working with Javascript, been doing it for 2 years. However, I’ve never worked on this specific field and I would love to learn more about it.
Let me know if I should reach out on Discord.

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Please continue here: Discord