Ethernaut DAO Governance #2

In addition to the Governance proposal #1 (pasted bellow), the following additions and amendments are proposed:

Governance Proposal #2 Additions

Council Meetings

  • Any member of the council can call for a council voice meeting.
  • The person calling the meeting should have a reasonable cause for calling the meeting.
  • The person calling the meeting is responsible for producing an Agenda of the meeting using a document sharing service (i.e.
  • The person calling the meeting is responsible for creating an availability page where the council members can state their availability. So the most optimal time and day can be found (i.e. At least 2 days should be allowed for council members to submit their availability before the availability voting closes.
  • The meeting cannot happen sooner than 2 days from when the availability voting closes.
  • Any council member can add topics on the agenda to be discussed.
  • The person calling the meeting shall preside the meeting and ensure all the agenda topics are addressed and minutes of the meeting are kept.
  • Council meetings cannot happen sooner than 15 days between them.

Governance by Council

  • All proposals, when discussed on Discord, should have their own dedicated thread.

Governance Proposal #2 Amendments

Governance by Council

the following rule shall be amended:

  • 5 days to be voted by Council Members (Discord Vote)


  • 5 days to be voted by Council Members. Voting will happen on Discord, on a dedicated channel, using relevant tooling (voting bots) to present the voting topics and keep a track and history of the proposals that were voted.
  • For a vote by the ethernauts body, an agreement between the council, following voting rules should happen first. Much like a pre-proposal itself “Pass XYZ Proposal for voting on the Ethernaut body”.

Governance Proposal #1

Ethernauts & Council

  • An Ethernaut is a community member involved with E-DAO.
  • The Council votes and governs E-DAO.

Becoming an Ethernaut

  • PM Dhannte or Ralf, set up a video meeting
  • The candidate is verified through “Proof of Human”

Governance by Council

  • Anyone can submit a proposal
  • 5 days for debate
  • 5 days to be voted by Council Members (Discord Vote)


  • Quorum at 5/7; designated to take quick actions
  • Anyone can comment on actions taken by the council
  • Only verified Ethernauts can object to the actions taken by the council

To move things forward an interim council will be set up for a period of 6 months by those who participated in the first Ethernaut Call. There were 12 Ethernauts at the time the call was summoned, of which 7 attended. Those are: