Cristian from Cryptex is looking for a smart contract engineer trainee

About Me and why am I mentoring

Hi my name is Cristian (@Crisgarner) , Lead Smart Contract developer at, I’ve been working as a smart contract developer since 2018, started learning by working on my company called Affogato doing tools for coffee farmers with Ethereum mainnet and actively work as the lead organizer of the Ethereum Tegucigalpa community.

As lead blockchain engineer on Cryptex, I was in charge of creating the contracts for farming, minting, vaults, governance, and more all audited by Quanstamp.

The main reason I’m mentoring is that I love to teach people interested in learning, I used to give entrepreneurship classes in a local College, so have some experience with teaching, I also believe that people from LATAM have high-end skills but usually, the market doesn’t value them enough.

Training Will/Won’t be for a protocol

Training will help to understand Cryptex protocol.

Number of trainees:

1 or 2. Depending on applicants.

Training Will/Won’t target a job position

The ideal outcome of the mentoring program will be to make you a core contributor to the Cryptex protocol.

Target position will/won’t be remote

Target position will be remote

Minimum requirements for trainee candidates

You need to be a senior dev. Already a ninja coder. I will only be giving you the Ethereum adapter at a super accelerated pace. I won’t be teaching you how to code. Familiarity with javascript, remote work, and open source is a plus.

I will prefer a mentee from LATAM, as my general goal is to help ecosystems in LATAM to develop.

Mentoring hours per week

2 to 4 hours per week.

Work hours per week expected

I will start sharing resources and having calls to solve problems, will also be available for any doubt that is too hard to solve. Then we will move to some smalls real projects that can be used in real life or for Cryptex DAO.

Duration of the program

2 months, could be less.

Trainee contribution expected during the training program

A simple work test, something fun, that demonstrates that you understand Ethereum.

Small PRs to the actual Cryptex protocol like script improvements, tests, etc.

Salary Range

Above 100k / year depending on training results.

Protocol equity position

Probably, will be discussed with the DAO

To apply, please reply in the comments with a description about yourself

Hey, Cris, thanks for your initiative. I’m Spanish, but not prepared for this pairing, since I started with Solidity few months ago, being a web developer. Still with the stuff for beginners: cryptozombies, capturetheether, ERC20 and similar small projects.
Just wanted to ask you: when it comes to build a simple dex, is there any project I can use to build from the scratch, without using OpenZeppeling or similar libraries. I know it’s widely used, I just wanted to write all the functions myself to get a grasp of all the concepts.
Many thanks and I hope I didn’t bother you.

Hey Jose, for this pairing the requirement is general experience developing, the goal is to teach about solidity :wink:. To be honest, building a DEX from zero might be complicated as there are many tricks required, I would suggest checking Uniswap contracts, they are battle-tested and the reason why many protocols fork it. Just be careful changing stuff if you plan to deploy it.


I’m Santiago from Latam. I’m a senior full-stack dev & data science engineer. I’ve already been contributing to a few projects in the space in the last couple years I see this trainee position as a good opportunity to make a practical deep dive into more complex topics & integrations using DeFi, DAOs, etc. :hammer_and_pick:

Hi Cristian,

I am a Computer Engineering student from Brazil. I’m in my last year in college, and I already know git, JavaScript, Flutter (with web3), infura, truffle, ganache and the basics of Solidity (I’m not a senior dev, but I’m a good coder and a quick learner). I’ve been using these skills to build a small portfolio of personal projects that you can see on my gitlab:

In my github, you can see my solution to the first challenges on scaffold-eth (along with other projects unrelated to blockchain):

This trainee position sounds like a great opportuntiy for me to go the next step into DeFi as a Solidity dev. Also, getting a job\trainee position is a requirement for me to get my bachelors degree, so I’m willing to work full time and for cheap. My LinkedIn is down below:

Kind regards,

Hi Cristian,

My name is Bin. I’m a Full Stack Developer living in New Zealand, with 8 years of web development experience (Frontend, Python, Golang, Ruby on Rails and some DevOps skills). I also have two years of remote working experience.

I love to learn new things and attracted by blockchain technologies, especially smart contracts and Ethereum. I believe in web3 and a decentralized world in the future. I’d like to dive into this exciting evolution as a developer and find an awesome job in web3. I will be much appreciated if you accepted my application.

Looking forward to your reply :slight_smile:


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Hello Christian,

I have a PhD in computer science - computer vision and 20 years of work experience in different fields of software engineering. Roles spread from software development to project management and consulting, 10+ years in senior roles (tech. lead and/or proj. mgmt.).

For the last 10 years I work as a consultant mostly in the fields of computer vision and machine learning. I am an expert in computer vision, machine learning, c++, python, linux, java, javascript, php, OpenCV, matlab, deep learning, tensorflow, keras.

I’ve been superficially following crypto since 2013, starting with bitcoin trading, then writing trading bots. Latelly - since 2019, I am more closely following and learning ethereum and defi ecosystem, I consider myself an advanced defi user and I develop and run market making bots on ethereum, polygon, loopring and optimism.

I don’t have much experience with solidity, therefore I think this mentoring program with learning through practice is a perfect starting point and would love to participate.


Hi Cristian,

my name is Manu, I have been working as a Senior Frontend Developer for the last five years, before that I worked in finance for a European firm. I studied economics, but I decided to switch into programming as I’ve always enjoyed technology and computers.

Now, after one year being almost obsessed with all the Blockchain ecosystem as a user, I feel it is the right time to start learning Solidity and contribute to the space professionally. I’ve already started my journey reading the Ethereum official docs, doing the cryptozombies course and finishing some of the first Ethernaut challenges.

I have a strong knowledge of ReactJS and Typescript and I also did some work with Java and NodeJS on the Backend. Testing, doing code reviews, using tools like Jira and working remotely are normal things/duties on my daily basis.

I’m not from LATAM, but let’s say from the closest European country culturally speaking :slight_smile:


Hi Christian,

My name is Carlos Sandi, I’m a Full Stack Developer from Costa Rica.

Senior Software Engineer with more than 10 years of experience in the IT Industry. Passionate about learning new technologies, best practice and teamwork.

Experience working in the full cycle of software development, from requirements gathering to design and programming, as well as Software verification and validation.

I have been learning about Blockchain development using solidity for developing smart contracts and dapps since 2020, and early this year I completed succesfully my certification as “Certified Blockchain Developer” provided by Consensys. ( ConsenSys Academy)

I would love to have the opportunity to learn from you and finally be able to switch to a career in crypto development.

Here you can check a couple of projects I have done:

or same url with: ETHGIFTCARDS

Saludos y gracias.

Hey Cristian,

I am from LATAM (Argentina) and I am looking start working in crypto projects. About me, I am a Senior Software Engineer with more than 15 years of experience principally worked in Pharma Labs, Bank/Finance and now experimenting in Social Data companies.

I worked with a variety of languages during last years (java, Kotlin, javascript, python), databases sql/no-sql and tooling related to development. Now, I am very interested with the crypto technologies and think that the pairing is a good approach to get a good introduction into this world.

I hope to be selected and start learning with you. Congratulations for your time dedicated to the community, it will be very appreciated.


Hi Cristian,
My name is Aveesh Shetty I have worked as a Blockchain developer at startups like Matic and Era swap
Let go through some projects that I have worked on
Matic -
Implemented Subgraphs for pos and plasma (For tracking events for deposit and withdrawal in plasma and pos chains)
Daohaus <> Matic (Implemented a one-click solution for user to deploy MolochDAO on matic)
MolochDAO on Matic (DAOs <> Matic)(A DAO which allows investors to fund decentralized projects)
Biconomy<> Matic(Network Agnostic tools using meta transaction)
Cartesi <> Matic(Built a poker game that using Cartesi virtual machine for computation and deployed on matic)
Deployed Balancer and Aave on Matic
InsureChain(Infosys <> Matic)(Insurance dapp where policy buyer can move policy from one vendor on one chain to another vendor on a different chain)
SupplyChain(Matic <> Flipcart)( Supply chain management dapp which allows manufacturers,wholesalers, and retailers to track the products)
Contributed to various tools built on matic chain such as Token-mapper, bridge-api, staking-api , web wallet
Also helped in solving tech queries of users for these tools

Era swap -
Real estate dapp – Implemented a decentralized rental application where the renter can list a home, Buyer can select the check-in and check out date book the home
Land registration dapp – Implemented a Land registration dapp where user land
IPFS file uploading system – Implemented file uploading on IPFS
Era swap block explorer –Implemented an Etherscan clone
Computeex – Implemented a crypto change platform that fetches the best price from 5 different exchanges for current conversion
Would like to go deeper into solidity with you

Kind regards,

Aveesh Shetty