Beskay - gas optimization mentorship

About Me and why am I mentoring

Hi, I am a smart contract engineer with a background in hardware engineering/embedded systems. I started exploring the crypto space in 2017 and began learning Solidity in early 2021. Due to my background in embedded systems, where writing efficient code is important, I was naturally interested in learning how to write efficient solidity code as well.

Given the recent increase in gas fees, writing efficient code is more important than ever and I am happy to share my knowledge.

Twitter: @beskay0x
Github: beskay

What we will do

  • Review smart contract optimization techniques
  • Analyze how specific coding patterns can be more gas-efficient by inspecting the Yul/bytecode generated by the compiler
  • Practice gas optimizing existing code

By the end of the mentorship, you will not only know how to write efficient code but also why exactly it is more efficient.

Number of trainees: (max 2 advised)


Minimum requirements for trainee candidates

  • Experience writing Solidity
  • Familiarity with Foundry (or willing to learn)
  • Basic knowledge about the EVM (storage, memory, calldata)
  • Basic knowledge about opcodes (check out

Mentoring hours per week

Flexible, around 2 to 4 hours. You can contact me on Discord whenever you have questions, we will also have periodic calls where I am going to explain gas optimization concepts in detail.

Work hours per week expected

This is also flexible and depends on you, i.e. how fast you can learn.

Duration of the program

1 to 2 months

To apply, please reply in the comments with a description about yourself

Please share your timezone and your Github. It would be great if you could give me a short description of what you’ve done so far as well


Thanks to all applicants! Lots of talented people, this will be a difficult decision. I will need a few days to think about who to select


Thanks again to all applicants! Those who are selected got a DM.

To those who didn’t get selected but still want to learn about gas optimizations: I will try to open-source the resources after the mentorship ends and make them available to everyone for free.


Hey all, as promised here is the repository

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