Austin Griffith - General Solidity and Ethereum training available!

Hey Austin,

First off - thanks for all you do and have done for the web3 community.

A little about my background - I’m a developer by long training and practice but only recently by trade. I’ve been coding for about 10 years, but ultimately didn’t pursue it seriously because I felt like I wasn’t in tune with the energy of things. One thing I’m proud of from before I took my detour away from engineering - I designed, built, and shipped an NLP pipeline for a leading biotech company to inform risk profiles of drug candidates moving from pre-clinical to phase 1 clinical trials.

While I was coding as a hobby, in real life I was practicing product and strategy in the healthcare sector. However, I felt like it was time to flex my own muscles and not rely on developers to build things for me and for the company, but to do the hard work myself. Around this time, the web3 community popped up on my radar, I really appreciated the culture of building new things and just the general quirkiness, positivity, and sense of family that web3 brings.

So - I quit, and became a developer. I’m a backend engineer at the moment, working on better credentials for developers and autonomous workflows. I’ve completed cryptozombies, and now work with react regularly.

Hope to work with you soon - thanks again Austin

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Hi Austin, I am Daniel, I was able to successfully build and run your scaffold-eth repo (it is pretty straightforward and easy to follow). I love how well it is documented and I appreciate the big amount of work you and the team put into it. I will play around with example branches (Challenge 1, for start) to get a bit more familiar with the project. A bit more about me: I have a CS university degree and I am a senior full-stack web developer for 8 years now (i have been working for various startups throughout my career). My main tech stack is Ruby on Rails, React and React Native, NodeJS, JS, AWS. Currently, I am working at a company creating financial tools for institutional clients using Stellar blockchain for a year now. I am self-taught and prefer to learn on the go by actually working on real tasks/problems. Looking forward to talking to you in case you are interested to train me. Thank you. Daniel

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Hey Austin,

My name is Tank. I’m a Full Stack Developer with 8 years of web development experience

Looking forward to talking to you.

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Hi Austin,

Im Dan, I am a junior developer who uses python and javascript. Im currently sharpening my frontend by building my own site with next.js. Ive also been following through your scaffold-eth guide and experimenting with different smart contracts.

I got into the web 3.0 space as I want to use smart contracts as a way to make academia more accessible to outsiders. The way papers are published and centralised needs to change, and the ethics and technology surrounding crypto and web 3.0 seems to be the best way to do it.

Also the way employers and mentors are picking individuals to train regardless of formal qualifications and geographic location will really bring forward a new set of freedoms for the individual.


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Hi Austin, I’m from Argentina, I’ve been working in software development for 18 years now. I studied “Information Systems Engineering” and then started working as a Java backend developer, over the years I became a Lead Developer in charge of researching/selecting new frameworks/technologies for my projects, designing architecture or reviewing other people designs. Since 2010 I started leading and coordinating the efforts of development teams in varied and challenging projects.

I the last 7 years I have focused in event-driven, microservices oriented systems mostly oriented to IoT. I have a few years of experience in AWS tools and I’m always learning new techs/languages for my day job, as an example in my last 3 projects I had to quickly pick-up AWS serverless tools, IoT Core and get familiar with new languages like Swift/Swift UI, Python and also Node Js.

I got involved with Ethereum and Solidity by the end of 2020 . I took training and courses where I started learning Solidity, Truffle, Web3.js and built some simple smart contracts and Dapps. I want to speed up my learning process and start working full time as a smart contract engineer and can’t think of a better way to do it than this trainee opportunity.

I really believe in the disruptive power of blockchain and smart contracts and for that reason I want to participate in building web 3.0. I want to deep dive into DEFI but I’m also interested in other aspects like DAO’s and Supply Chain for example.

This is my linkedin: /in/baltasarromero/

Thanks for this offering!

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Hi Austin, I’m a self taught python developer, a crypto enthusiast and a fan of the Scaffold ETH ecosystem!

Dev experience:

  • Wrote remote control and state machine code for Hyperloop pod prototypes that competed at the 2018 and 2019 SpaceX Hyperloop Competition finals. [Java, C++]
  • Trained deep learning computer vision models for my dissertation and got that research published at a conference. [Python]
    (Automatic MEP Component Detection with Deep Learning | SpringerLink)
  • Write a lot of python data analysis scripts in my current work as a transport planner

Crypto experience:

  • Write a weekly NFT market data analysis newsletter. I do most of the analysis by querying smart contracts using SQL queries on Dune Analytics.
  • 500 readers subscribe to the email newsletter and 5000 follow the matching twitter account that puts out the analyses in thread format.


  • To be able to write full stack web3 apps. Specifically interested in developing tools for the NFT space.
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Hello Austin,

I have junior full-stack stack experience in ethereum development but would like to take it to the next level so that I can do it full time. I’m currently a researcher in the space of DeFi, NFTs and everything Ethereum. Would love to be one of your trainees. I have experience with React, Next, Node, Typescript, Solidity and Hardhat.

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Hi Austin,

my name is Manu, I have been working as a Senior Frontend Developer for the last five years, before that I worked in finance for a European firm. I studied economics, but I decided to switch into programming as I’ve always enjoyed technology and computers.

Now, after one year being almost obsessed with all the Blockchain ecosystem as a user, I feel it is the right time to start learning Solidity and contribute to the space professionally. I’ve already started my journey reading the Ethereum official docs, doing the cryptozombies course and finishing some of the first Ethernaut challenges. I also watched all your videos and I still wonder how can you do things at such speed :slight_smile:

I have a strong knowledge of ReactJS and Typescript and I also did some work with Java and NodeJS on the Backend. Testing, doing code reviews, using tools like Jira and working remotely are normal things/duties on my daily basis.

I would love to be selected and be part of your program!


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Hi Austin,

It would be an honour and a privilege to be given the opportunity to learn about Solidity, Ethereum and be mentored by you.

I am relatively new to software development, giving up my physical product engineering job in October 2020 to self-teach and learn to code. My focus up until recently was on web and mobile development, learning the basics of HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, React Native, Node, MongoDB etc.

I managed to get a job writing test code with Jasmine, Javascript & Node JS in May, however although this has been a great experience and has definitely accelerated my learning, as I have become more aware of blockchain development, the decentralisation of digital products, services and in my opinion the endless use cases and opportunities that exist with this relatively immature technology - it literally shook my world.

From that moment, my career and life goal is to learn and become a blockchain developer, to build, create and contribute to a new era of technological advancement. My first tastes of Solidity with online tutorials such as CryptoZombies, has only added to my motivation and enthusiasm.

It would be beyond my widest dreams if you chose me and were able to help me on that path to becoming a Ethereum/web3 developer.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Kind regards,

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Hey Austin!

my name is Raffiq, currently, a self-taught programmer for 1 and half year. Before this, I was working as a mechanical engineer and co-founded a virtual career platform for Malaysians. I was not involved very much when I was working and during my time as co-founder. Now I am focusing on technical software development. I took a blockchain developer nano degree from udacity and have a background in smart contract programming, Solidity. I am focusing on React front and also learn ETH Dapp development from you, from your youtube channel, and your scaffold-eth repo. It has been a tremendous help.

Now, I have been working as a blockchain consultant in a software dev company in my country on the day but self-taught by night. It would be great to be under your mentorship as I am learning new tools and becoming smart contract and dapp developer!

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Hi Austin, Emanuele from Italy. I’m a full-stack developer with more than 15y+ of experience in the web world. At the moment I’m working full-time for an Italian startup.

At the moment my more grown-up skills are in

  • React
  • Nextjs
  • TailwindCSS
  • NodeJS
  • Some develops skills with CI/CD on different platforms (aws/vercel/serveless)
  • skills (I use them daily but not as the main one): django/mongodb/most of rdbms

As a developer, I’m passionate about UI and UX and I enjoy it when my development matches the Figma design delivered by our designers. I love to learn but also to teach, in previous jobs I taught to other companies some technology/service that I used and I loved that part (it was in Italian, I’m not as fluent in English as in Italian :D)

I’m also a huge fan of open-source and creating content to allow other users to learn faster. That’s something that I usually do after I’m confident with the topic I’m using. What I usually do is create content that allows users to solve problem/issue that blocked me during my development work.

I approached web3 development since this year (I already gave a try to it some year before but it didn’t grasp on me) and I’m enjoying the journey. I’m the kind of person that always has something in mind to build it and I need to understand how things work to create something of my own.
I’m always used to learn from both guides, videos but also from practicing what I’ve learned with personal projects or reading directly source code from other projects.

To learn better how to work in web3 I’ve started creating a mini-game with both solidity (for the logic part) and react+ethersjs to connect to it.
I think that web3 it’s only at the beginning and it needs talents from every aspect. We need better UI/UX designers, better devs, and better content creators.

That’s why I’m here proposing. I’m hungry to learn, hungry to dev and create amazing content and projects!

As I said I have a full-time job but I’m already investing my spare time + weekend to learn so I would love to be able to have the possibility to improve my current solidity/web skills.

I only have one question: is the usage of scaffold-eth a hard requirement or can we build with our tools after the training?

I hope to have the possibility to learn more from you!

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Hi Austin,

My name is Xy Ma. I am a software engineer developer for over 10 years.

Currently I am working in a comic company. We have a lot digital assets, and we are considering bring them to the blockchain. So, I begin to explore crypto technologies like blockchain, decentralized web, ETH, smart contracts.

From then on, I love the idea of web3 and decentralized network, I want to dive into the smart contracts stack and build for the future.

I believe solidity and Ethereum training can make me move faster and build more. Much appreciated for your mentorship.

Looking forward to your reply.

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Hi Austin,

This is Ken Bi, a software engineer with 9+ years’ experience range from embedded software to modern web development. (Definitely meet the minimus requirements :sweat_smile:)

I have been following up on the development in the crypto world for a while. Finished a 20 hours course on theories of blockchain technology from Peking University. Also tried using scaffold-eth to get a deeper understanding along the way. (Thanks for your contribution to the community!) Turns out I’m quite fascinated by blockchain technologies. I’d like to seize this opportunity to dive more into this field and make my own contribution to the web3 world.

Much appreciated it if you could consider my application. Looking forward to the training and building.

Ken Bi

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Hi Austin,
Thank you for what you have done for the Ethereum community.
I am interested in new things, and I am deeply attracted by the blockchian technology, which will truly make the world a better place.

I’m a Full Stack Developer with 6 years of web development experience (Java Web, Frontend, Node.js, Python, Golang, PHP and some DevOps skills).

I have some experience in building dapps, but haven’t formed a system yet, this is a good opportunity for me to learn Ethereum and Solidity systematically

Thank you for your consideration.

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Hi Austin,

My name is Yixin, live in Japan. I am a full-stack engineer (Ruby/Python) for about 7 years and had a remote experience for 3 years.

Now I work at a crypto exchange company and very instead in smart contract.

My next plan is to learn smart contract. I am very happy that Austin can provide such a good opportunity :blush:




Hey Austin,

I’m a Software engineer with 4 years of professional Android development experience. After lurking around in DeFi and NFT space for a while, I’ve become fascinated by the realm of possibilities around blockchain and I can’t wait to dive into it.

Although my language of choice is Java/Kotlin, I’ve already taken a few basic courses for Solidity, and have recently been catching up on some Javascript. The long term goal is not only to understand the protocols I’m working with at a deeper level, but also to begin contributing to their development, and to one day pay this experience forward to the next generation of ethereum devs.

I’m excited to see what comes next! Hope to work with you soon.

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I am trying very hard to learn and I have finished most of the ethernaut challenges. I do appreciate your help if I can have your mentorship. I am sure I will not let you down.
Thank you very much indeed.


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Hi, Austin
I am engineer with more than 10 years experience, working with NodeJS, TS, Golang for several years, very interested in blockchain, so hope to learn to have a solid good understanding for blockchain and smart contract development, and expand the scope,
Thanks very much

David X

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Hi Austin,

My name is Oyindamola and I’ve been involved with Software Engineering for the past 5 years, particularly with Javascript and the ecosystem. I became interested in blockchain technology 3 years ago and began pursuing certifications. I’m now looking for practical experiences in order to be able to build and contribute to the development and adoption of the blockchain technology. I also have watched your tutorials on your youtube channel and they helped get my feet wet with the ethereum blockchain. I’ll really love to be mentored by you

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Hi Austin,

I have been a Software Engineer for 8 years. I have developed applications in Python, React-Native and C++. In the past 2 years, I have been the Tech Lead for a team of 10+ developers. I have been mentoring and coaching junior and mid-level engineers.

I have been a DeFi user for almost a year now, and I am convinced that this will be the technology that everyone will be using in the future. I have decided to dive deeper into the space and have been learning Solidity on Udemy and attending bootcamps like ChainLink’s Smart Contract Bootcamp using Brownie.

I would love to learn from you.


P.S. I watched you on the ChainLink Smart Contract Summit!

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