Austin Griffith - General Solidity and Ethereum training available!

About Me and why am I mentoring

Hi my name is Austin Griffith. I build stuff on Ethereum and love to teach others how to get started too! First I built :hammer_and_wrench:eth build for tinkering and teaching. Then, I focused on :building_construction: scaffold-eth and creating a template for building Dapps.

I am mentoring because I want to bring as many devs into Ethereum and give them great tools and an education/portfolio to get any job in web3.

Training Won’t be for a protocol

I will provide general onboarding into Ethereum using this curriculum: 🏃‍♀️Ethereum Dev Speed Run. 🙇 a web3 quick start for developers | by Austin Thomas Griffith | Medium

I won’t teach you a specific protocol. I will onboard you into Solidity and give you a “tour of duty” through apps and concepts like, staking, tokens, on-chain randomness, signed messages, building a simple DEX, building a simple DAO, building a simple NFT marketplace, etc.

Number of trainees:

My time is limited but I will do my best to help as many folks as possible.

Think of this like preparation for a more 1 on 1 mentorship with a specific protocol or with someone like @ethernaut.

I will give you all the tools and knowledge to get started.

If you can follow the “Minimum requirements” below, I will make time for you:

Minimum requirements for trainee candidates

You need to be able to install and start :building_construction: scaffold-eth:

(ask questions in the chat if you have problems)

(node, git, yarn and you’re off… try tinkering with Solidity and get a feel for the tools)

If you want to get ahead search the branches of :building_construction: scaffold-eth for “simple-nft-example” or other topics you would like to explore. (Try :triangular_flag_on_post: Challenge 1: building a staking contract!)

Mentoring hours per week

It is literally my job to help developers get started with Ethereum. I do this full time, over time, too much time. :sweat_smile:

Work hours per week expected

This is up to you. Just sitting down with :building_construction: scaffold-eth for a couple hours and getting on a quick call with me should be enough to get you started.

Salary Range

As soon as you show progress and start building anything with :building_construction: scaffold-eth I will start streaming you at least 0.5 ETH per month. See all the builders I’m already funding at: BuidlGuidl(dot com)

(Also, people will be offering you six figure jobs thanks to the portfolio you will build with my help!)

To apply, please reply in the comments with a description about yourself


Hey Austin!

My name is Zach and I’m a software engineer with around 3 years of experience doing backend engineering from in house financial programs to developing and deploying a new AWS service to writing programs to interact with ethereum and more recently working as a smart contract engineer at SuperRare. Most of what I’ve learned about smart contracts has been from forums, open zeppelin docs and workshops, on my current job, and I even took a class at university. My goal is to get a deeper understanding of the EVM and be a more efficient and knowledgable smart contract engineer.


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Hi Austin,

My name is Daniel and I have been working in web2.0 since I graduated from my law degree as I was under the impression that more exciting things were happening in this space then there were in Law. I have been coding for fun since I was about twelve years old, and I have basically never stopped. I both started business and worked for some startups and scaleups. In those companies I have covered most positions, from developing my own products to managing the company or a team to even doing some sales. Since the last couple of months I have decided that I want to turn this crypto hobby into my main gig and therefor I would like to apply for this mentoring position! So far I am building a game to learn more about solidity, completed some udemy courses and finished ethernaut. So right now I am basically thinking about what the next steps should be.

Kind regards,


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I am a full-stack (Elixir/PHP) + (JS/TS) engineer, for over 20 years, as a freelancer. At one time, I managed a remote team of 4 other developers in the company I co-founded, but have since scaled back to solo. I recently went from knowing nothing to deploying a large-scale Elixir application on AWS in about 6 months. I have already made some in-roads to learning about Solidity development and have built a couple of Subgraphs.

Since I’ve been remotely solo for the majority of my career, I’ve learned how to sell, communicated and problem solve using remote-friendly tools.

Since falling down the rabbit hole that is Ethereum, I’ve been learning all aspects of using and developing on Ethereum, and it is my goal to make Blockchain development the next step in my career as soon as is possible.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Hi Austin,

I am a Software developer with 5 years of experience now, working remotely since February 2020 (first due to Covid, and now permanently).

I started my journey with blockchain tech 7 months ago, and went through some popular beginner resources. I understood the fundamentals through the ethereum book, and MIT’s course Blockchain and Money. I now spend about time learning about Solidity, defi, and more concepts like MEV, and different stablecoin protocols. I have also used a few defi dapps. I have a fair idea how the popular defi protocols work and currently studying about various stablecoin protocols.

I participated as a solo hacker in HackMoney, where my project won prizes from Compound and Consensys. The project involved developing on react-js, and solidity, meta-transactions, and Compound Protocol. Here is the link to the hack.

I also did another project to display governance proposals of different DAOs using The Graph. Here is a live demo: React App (It’s very basic).

Several of your videos have helped me in onboarding to ethereum till now. Like ERC20 Permit() Playground - YouTube and 🎙 Rap session all about 🎟 NFTs: the idea, the code, the future... - YouTube, just to list a few. I also registered for moonshot collective and it was great to be on its first call.

It would awesome to have your mentorship to help me break into this space full-time to become a smart contract developer!


Hey Austin,

My name is Patrick and I’m currently a data scientist with 4 years of experience. I’ve built machine learning models in various spaces ranging from semantic segmentation (what’s in an image) to measuring risk of default in underwriting. I work on all aspects of this pipeline from project ideation to productionizing. I work primarily with Python, Spark, SQL and CUDA occasionally. I do have beginner knowledge of javascript/typescript and react.

In regards to solidity / ethereum, last fall I began really looking into crypto and specifically DeFi. I’ve been completely immersed in it and really love what is being built. The democratization of these tools and products is amazing. I have been learning about solidity through some tutorials (your framework included), building small projects and have been working through the FlashBots repo to learn more about how MEV works. I’ve also experimented with hardhat, waffle, brownie, truffle etc to understand the full dev stack.

What is my goal here? Well, I want to understand Solidity well enough to contribute to protocols and orgs I believe in (defi related). Eventually I hope to merge my ml/ds background with blockchain to transition into maybe something like a solidity quant - a blockchain dev that uses math/stats. Maybe a first project could be to add a brownie branch to a defi scaffold or maybe an mev related branch?

Hope to hear back and best of luck on the training!


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Hi Austin.

My name is Diogo and I’m a software engineer. I have developed mobile and web apps, working on both front end and back end.
Recently I started to dive into ETH development and have mostly been following the tutorials on including using Recently, I finished the cryptozombies tutorial.

I’m looking to take things to the next step.

Diogo Melo

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Bonjour Austin,
I love the fact that you’re offering this opportunity but I couldn’t write you something without it sounding like a bullshit cover letter. For what it’s worth I am CS engineer that’s been writing code for 8 years, but only started tinkering with some projects the last few months (Eth, Luna, Sia, Thorchain). I’d love to contribute scaffold-eth and learn from you some things, I am looking forward to seeing what path you have in mind and getting my first task :stuck_out_tongue: anyways keep up the good work!

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Hi Austin,

My name is Eloi. First of all, I really appreciate the fact that you are offering your time to onboard new devs into the ecosystem, we need more people like you and your Ethernaut colleagues.

I’m a Full-stack developer (mainly Backend these days). Have developed in different platforms in the past but have been focusing on Node and Web2 for the last 4 years.

Currently working at a crypto company of sorts building web infrastructure and I’ve been learning some Solidity here and there with popular tools like Ethernaut/Cryptozombies and tutorials on the side. However, I have wanted to take the leap into full smart contract development but haven’t found the perfect excuse yet, hope you can help with that!

Looking forward to see what you have on store for us!

Thanks again,

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Hi Austin, I’m Mariano, a Software Engineer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m currently working as a Data Engineer doing DeFi exchanges analytics and I’m interested on building great things for the Ethereum ecosystem.

I think this is a great opportunity to work on surely one of the most interesting and important technologies of this age.

Thanks for doing this.

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Hi Austin,
Hope you’re well

Im Saadman a recent uni graduate looking to get into defi and dapp development and I would like to apply for the smart contract position. Most of my experience is with python and java although I am familiar with JS and have used js frameworks it before, and sscaffold-eth was actually the first thing I used to make the simple-nft contract. I have 4 years expereince working for remote start ups which have helped me develop my soft skills for remote working/learning. In terms of exeperience wityh crypto and blockchian, I am a backend python dev at UniWhalesio and have a good highlevel understanding of how most of the defi protocols work (although there are so many things I could learn in the space). In terms of solidity I’ve done cryptozombies and deployed a few basic contracts such as a multisig, a game using chainvrf etc using brownie, I’ve also written some basic tests for these contracts on my local ganache chain with scripts in brownie.
I would love to be your mentee and jump into into on-chain development both feet. I am eager to learn about smart contract security and solidity best practices. I can definitely attend all the mentoring hours and find time on top of that to study and implement whatever topics disucussed. :grin:
Most of the other pairings are only open for senior devs with 6+ yrs of experience, although I don’t have that I can gurantee if selected I will spend most of my time learning and tinkering with protocols under your guidance and do my best to break into the solidity dev space .
Best regards


Hi Austin,
My name is Asgeir. I have worked as a full-stack developer for five years and then two years as a data scientist.

I have some experience building web3 stuff from being part of starting the dOrg DAO, a full-stack Web3 development collective ( in 2018. I stayed with dOrg for a year, working primarily on a DAO creator tool for DAOstack.

For the last two years, I have worked as a data scientist for a legacy bank and have therefore been away from crypto in terms of development.
However, I have recently scaled back my position at the bank from 100% to 60% to get back into crypto.
I am currently getting up to speed with Solidity and did a hack for HackMoney (where I got the second prize from Enzyme finance) (GitHub - sogasg/enzyme-protocol: Enzyme Protocol Implementation).

Currently, I am doing the Ethernaut levels. The plan was also to get started on the scaffold-eth challenges soon. Therefore I was thrilled when I saw this post :slight_smile:

I am very interested in getting mentored.

sogasg (Asgeir) · GitHub (not too active the two last years due to working at the bank)

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Hi Austin,

This is Alessandro and I am a huge admirer of your work at scaffold-eth. I am now building my own DAPP during my free time by using scaffold-eth. Creating my own project is a great way to learn blockchain development and your tool makes it much easier. I am learning a lot by just looking at how you set up certain React components, hooks and tips everywhere in the project framework.

I don’t have any software engineer background. I started my web3 journey around one year ago by following amazing tutorials on Youtube and Udemy. Everything I know is thanks to complete strangers that dedicate their time to teach other people. I am really grateful to them for the knowledge I have gained so far.

I would like to join this mentorship program and follow the lead of inspiring people as you are. I want to improve my web3 knowledge and learn as much as possible how to create DAPPs. This is becoming a hobby for me and it makes me truly happy.

Hope to hear back soon from you or other mentors. My best wishes,


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Hi Austin,

Thanks for the offer, i’m a fullstack developer since 2015, i’m currently looking deeply to build my skills on Solidity starting this month (i’m taking 2 weeks vacation to focus on this, so the timing of your offer is perfect), since a couple of weeks i started using different blockchain products to get an idea of the use cases from the user perspective, now i feel ready to jump in and become the next shadowy super coder. Looking forward to work with you.


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Hey Austin, we’ve talked a little on Twitter. I took a stab at Scaffold.Eth and it didn’t go so well (my fault). Would be awesome to get some feedback from you to see where I went wrong and how I can do better in the future. I don’t have a lot of exp. but I’m super interested in learning more. Let me know!


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Hi Austin,

I’m currently teaching English in Korea but I’ve been picking up programming since the start of the year and have been focused on Ethereum development for the last few months.

As part of my journey I’ve created a discord group to help onboard new developers (often with no previous programming experience) and have been working on a project to help gamify users participation in building this community. (Bildit (Blockchain Dev 101)). Working on this has helped give me a group of people I can go to with questions but I think the next step would be the chance to interact with more experienced devs in the space.

I have an interest in smart contract development as well as smart contract security. I’d really enjoy the ability to get some feedback on my work. I have a medium term goal to move to blockchain dev full time a year from now so any kind of boost to help me on my journey would be greatly appreciated!

All the best, I hope to her from you soon,


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Hey Austin,

Had a go at using Scaffold-ETH as the base template for a hackathon project, by far one of the easiest templates to work off from for web3 projects. Also been lurking in the BuidlGuidl for a while and checking out some of the examples that have branched off from the project and finding it very easy to follow. Looking forward to going through more of your tutorials and examples. Really like the community you have built around this open source initiative :+1:.


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Hi Austin,

I’d like to apply for this mentoring project, I am an experienced software engineer with some knowledge of the Dapp building.

Now I am learning about building my first contract and the app, the whole product from end to end, I’ve stared scaffold-eth long times ago, it’s handy and I am learning how to build with it. If I am lucky enough to get some incentive, that would be even better.

Looking forward to talking to you.

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Hi Austin,

My name is Bin Cai. I’m a Full Stack Developer with 8 years of web development experience (Frontend, Python, Golang, Ruby on Rails and some DevOps skills).

I love to learn new things and attracted by blockchain technologies, especially smart contracts and Ethereum. I believe in web3 and a decentralized world in the future. I’d like to dive into this exciting evolution as a developer and find an awesome job in web3. I know you built the tools which can help me a lot. I will be much appreciated if you accepted my application.

Looking forward to your reply :slight_smile:

Bin Cai

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Hi Austin,

My name is Luffy. I am an experienced software developer[around 8 years’ experience].
I am interested in blockchain and I am learning solidity. I have finished some basic courses about blockchian. I think scaffold-eth is a great develop & learning tool for people like me. I would like to have your mentorship.

Thank you for your consideration.

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