Alex The Entreprenerd - Badger DAO - Mentoring Applications

Yeah sure, thanks @AlexTheEntreprenerd !

I’ve started mentoring the first of two mentees: Tabish

You can see his progress here: tabshaikh (Tabish Shaikh) · GitHub

With his consent, we may publish some of the videos of the mentoring for other students to benefit.

Waiting on the last few students to submit their trial before picking the second mentee

Hi Alex,

I am interested as well in becoming your trainee!


  • EE undergrad, Robotics/CS master (will finish my thesis in September)
  • focus of my studies is Computer Vision/Deep Learning
  • discovered web3 a couple of weeks ago
  • will be available full time starting at ~20th of September
  • read most of Mastering Ethereum
  • working my way through Crypto Zombies right now

Coding experience

Github: JanRuettinger (Jan-Hendrik Rüttinger) · GitHub
Tech stack: Python (Pytorch, FastAPI), JavaScript (React/NextJS), TailwindCSS

  • h ttps:// (100k page views)
  • h ttps:// (freelance project)
  • h ttp:// (I moved → Raspberry Pi is not connected anymore)
  • h ttps://
  • h ttps://
  • Developed several trading bots for Bitclout

=> internship projects are not public


Thank you for offering this!