Alberto from Yield Protocol is looking for two Smart Contract Engineer Trainees

Hi Alberto,

I am a Software developer with 5 years of experience now, working remotely since February 2020 (first due to Covid, and now permanently). I definitely fit into the definition of a Senior dev.

I have a 1.5 years research experience as well where I worked on a single problem for a year.

I started my journey with blockchain tech 6 months ago, and went through some popular beginner resources (including :slight_smile: ). I understood the fundamentals through the ethereum book, and MIT’s course Blockchain and Money. I now spend about 4 hours/day learning about Solidity, defi, and more concepts like MEV, and different stablecoin protocols. I have also used a few defi dapps.

I participated as a solo hacker in HackMoney, where my project won some sponsor prizes. The project involved developing on react-js, and solidity, meta-transactions, and Compound Protocol.

It would awesome to have your mentorship to help me break into this space full-time! My timezone is UTC+1.


Do not know how to express my enthusiasm and a wish to get mentoring from a person like you. I am very hard working person, goal oriented, with very good communication skills, working in IT for 10+ years.

I have very little experience in writing Smart Contracts (but I am learning), and I do not have experience with typescript.

In my 10 years working career I have experience in software development, project management and specialised technical consulting.

I have a strong knowledge of ERP systems, warehouse-managements systems, machine vision, networking, network security, communication protocols, cloud computing.

Last few years I have been enthusiastic about blockchain technology, especially Ethereum. I am also a very heavy user of DeFi, using protocols like Aave, Sushi, Uniswap, Alchemix, Convex, Polygon ecosystem, Loopring ecosystem (AMMs, smart wallets, DEX).

I run my own Ethereum beacon-chain (L2) validator + L1 node, I run nodes on Polygon (bor + heimdalld) and I have implemented bots trading on Polygon, Loopring, ZKSwap and Ethereum. I am a member of several Discord communities, also DAOs.

I hope I get opportunity to show my willingness to work and learn and help change the world!


I have several years freelance full-stack JS experience with a focus on front-end. Most exposure is React/Node. Have had a couple roles as an SDE in traditional Ecommerce. One as a front-end dev building data dashboards, another as a back-end dev working on tax-related micro-services as part of a DDD architecture. I have also built games in the wild including a Blockchain-based game, was a designer and front-end developer back then. For a time was also focused on competitive programming. Have worked remotely most of my adult life.

Have been paying attention to the ecosystem for a while, learning about and using projects. Am flexible and can dedicate full-time hours from the onset.


I’m a passionate coder with a strong tradfi background in finance, specifically interest rate derivatives

My timeline to date:

  • After university, worked as a CPA/Auditor at Deloitte, specializing in security valuation and investment companies
  • Risk Management/Contoller for Interest Rate and Credit Derivatives at Morgan Stanley on Wall Street
  • Left corporate world to become a digital nomad based in Vietnam developing trading bots for stonks
  • Pivoted to full time web developer – now a U.S. based Tech Lead with 5+ years of experience using Typescript/React, Python/Django for a tradfi SaaS company (fully remote)

Always learning, always writing tests, plan first then code, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Currently studying Solidity every day. Completed CryptoZombies, Ethernaut OpenZeppelin, tutorials on, and Chainlink Smart Contract Bootcamp. Currently working through Stephen Grider’s Solidity course on Udemy.

If chosen I would fully commit myself, night and day to be the best I can be and begin adding value as quickly as possible.

Hello Alberto,

My name is Marwan. I have a Computer Engineering degree and I have beed developing software since 1994. By the year 2000 I was the CTO of a dot com that was acquired by a VC firm. But I could not shake the development bug and realized that “management” is not for me so I went back into development.

Since 2003 I have been a self-employed developer working with different companies and teams of all sizes. The majority of my work has been in the financial services and insurance industries. I have worked on projects for online banking, fixed income, property and casualty insurance, commercial insurance, etc. I have worked at major Canadian banks and insurance companies. I also worked in small companies and teams.

As far as technology goes, my work has been in Java (core Java, Spring, Hibernate, etc.) I also do integration work (REST/SOAP, web service, etc.). Since 2012 I have also been doing Salesforce implementations for a variety of clients. 99% of my work is back-end work. I have done much in the way of front-end development.

I am always looking for new challenges and things to learn. This is why I decided to learn about blockchain technology and smart contracts development. I already completed the first project of the DApp University bootcamp. I am also doing the Ethereum Blockchain Developer Bootcamp With Solidity course on udemy.

I bring a lot of development experience and big desire to learn and contribute. I would be thrilled to be selected for this trainee spot. Thanks for your time.

Hi Alberto,

My name is Matias. Im a Senior Backend Engineer with 10 years of experience in C, Java, Javascript and Scala.
Im from Argentina and I studied systems engineering in UTN.
At the moment im living in Swizterland working in TradFi (one of the reasons I want to do the jump to DeFi :slight_smile: )
I already started learning some Solidity by myself with Crypto Zombies and Ethernaut and I already understand the fundamentals but I will like to master it and eventually work in this new industry.
I would love to have this opportunity!

Thank you for your consideration and your time


Hi Alberto,

I’m a software developer in the Philippines with 8 years of experience building software using various programming languages. I am a Generalist Software Engineer that has developed applications in many different languages, most notably in Python/Django and React Native. I have 8 years of experience in Software Development, 1 year in Swift Development for a banking application 2 years in React Native Development, 3 years in Python/Django Development, and 2 years in C++.

In the last 2 years I have been the Tech Lead of a software development team of 10+ developers. I am excited about developing Decentralized apps and the future of the web. I have completed the Ethereum Blockchain Course in Udemy and recently attended the ChainLink Bootcamp last weekend.

Here is the link to the hack (can’t edit the post now).

Hi Alberto,

I’m a software engineer from Argentina. I got my degree in 2005. I have been coding web applications for like 20 years ago.

I started working on web development with some companies here in Argentina and then I worked with clients from countries like the USA, Canada, Spain, Germany, Japan and others.

I have experience coding in a lot of different languages, like C/C++, Java , PHP , Python , JavaScript, TypeScript and Ruby.

I’m a university teacher in a data science subject. We teach data science, machine learning, information retrieval, and some big data tools like Apache Spark.

I started to learn coding in solidity and web3 applications in 2020. I started reading Mastering Ethereum, then I made a course on Coursera and the Cryptozombies tutorials. I read a lot of smart contracts, like the uniswap version 2 and 3, erc20 tokens with some features like tax fees, burn fee, liquidity fees, to understand how they work, and some non fungible tokens like the CriptoKiddies. I made a cryptokiddies fight project to practice solidity and web3 coding.

I want to start working full time at an Ethereum project and I think that this kind of training is the best option to make the final switch. I have time available to work on the assignments and I would like to help the Yield project to grow.

Hi all, thanks for your applications. I’ll now go through them with Allan Niemerg, Yield’s CEO, to select six of your for an interview, from which two trainees will be selected.

I know it can be disheartening for so many of you to apply, with so much to offer, and to not be selected. I’ll keep on working with EthernautDAO so that all of you find your way into crypto :heart:

No replies below this line will be considered for a trainee position. Thank you again.


About me and why I want to be a mentee

Hi, I’m a full stack developer and have been programming since '95, using countless languages and frameworks. My specialty is integrating different software to work together. JavaScript / Node / React / Mongo is my preferred stack at the moment.

I made a project specifically for the Ethernaut DAO to show basic competency: React App

My github: rocketbrainsurgeon · GitHub

It’s a trading application that takes signals from TradingView and executes them with Node and Web3.js against Pancakeswap’s router contract. The interface is built with React, Chart.js, and Tailwindcss. I’m a huge believer in open source software as it’s cheap, fast, and stable.

I’ve been working remotely for the past 10 years as an entrepreneur and freelancer. I’m coming back to a team because this is an exciting time and I want other people around to bounce ideas off of. My wife and I have lived in 40+ countries over the past 7 years, so I’m comfortable working in any time zone.

Crypto today reminds me of the internet in the 90’s: clearly the future, yet completely unusable. There’s a lot of work to be done, and I want to help!

Why Yield Protocol appeals to me

It shouldn’t be this hard for the average person to yield farm. Curve and YFI are still so confusing. Bunny and similar forks got exploited or hacked. Yield farming should be as easy for the average person as using a savings account with interest is now. I believe this is a solvable problem.


  • Javascript: 15 years professional experience

  • Typescript: 1 year professional experience

  • Linux: 10+ years experience using Ubuntu in personal and professional projects, but I’m not an expert

  • Independent: I prefer small teams (or startups) and don’t require handholding.

  • Communication: I just learned “developer evangelist” is a thing because some devs can’t communicate clearly. I’ve functioned directly with clients and don’t need mediation.

We have stayed within the preferred time zones of -8 UTC to +3 UTC for the past few years. Currently in +2 UTC.