Alberto from Yield Protocol is looking for two Smart Contract Engineer Trainees

To apply, please reply in the comments with a description about yourself

About Me and why am I mentoring

I am Alberto Cuesta Cañada and I am the whole smart contracts engineering team at Yield. It is not right to do so much on my own, and we want to expand the team with capable engineers.

Before Yield, I was the blockchain lead for TechHQ and lead blockchain instructor for Beyondskills. There I amassed a broad knowledge of blockchain design patterns, and acquired the skills to teach them to others.

I wrote a popular series of solidity how-to articles in 2019 and 2020, and more recently I collaborated with USMFUM, led the WETH10 development, and led the writing of the ERC3156 flash loan standard.

With the development, deployment and support of Yield v1, and the development of Yield v2 I’ve progressed further in the knowledge of useful development patterns and best practices.

Training will be for a protocol

The expectation is to incorporate smart contract engineers to the Yield Protocol.

Number of trainees: (max 2 advised)

Two trainees between all applicants will be selected for the program.

Training will target a job position

The target position is that of Smart Contracts Engineer, Backend Engineer, Mega Engineer, Codesmith, Hacker Supreme, Blockchain Wrangler, or whatever you want to call yourself. If hired after training, you will be expected to contribute to the smart contract codebase of the Yield Protocol, as well as peripheral code such as monitoring, alerting or deployment scripts.

Target position will be remote

The position will be fully remote. Applicants in the UTC -8 to UTC +3 timezones will be preferred.

Minimum requirements for trainee candidates

Experience with javascript/typescript is a plus, as is a basic familiarity with Linux operating systems. Experience with OSS software development processes and tools are also very welcome. That’s it for the technical requirements. I didn’t have any of these when I started.

Non technical requirements are experience tackling hard problems for a sustained period of time, being able to set and fulfill your own goals to further the mission of the team and the company. Being a nice person, easy to work with. Good communication skills.

We hire the person, not the skillset. If you don’t fulfill these requirements but you think you have something worthy to offer, please introduce yourself.

Mentoring hours per week

As needed, but expected to be about one hour every two days.

Work hours per week expected

We will choose your goals together, mindful of your other commitments. You will choose your working hours. There are no minimum hours expected because we have no way of tracking them anyway. We trust you.

Duration of the program

We commit to train you at our expense for at least two months. It’s not training, really. You will be working your chosen amount and we will be paying you. There will be tasks that add to our codebase, and tasks that only enhance your skillset, both are considered work and remunerated. You can quit whenever you want, but we will be very patient during the first two months. We will still be quite patient after that, patience is a nice skill.

Trainee contribution expected during the training program

Unit tests for a number of smart contracts. Scripts to interact with live smart contracts. Implementations of common design patterns (which we will compile for a training course). If we find the right opportunity you will get to code some live smart contract as well.

Salary Range

We pay competitive market salaries in order to attract and retain the best candidates.

Protocol equity position

Yield Inc. has an equity budget and equity can be awarded as an addition to compensation.


I’m interested in training/Position my name is Frankie Clark I’m in DAPP university background computer science Information Technology I’ll be very excited to take this journey

Hi Alberto,
Allan from Yield sent me this link, I am definitely interested in hearing more about this position! I have a degree in Applied Physics and have some engineering and coding experience as well. I love working with a team and have also enjoyed worked remotely for a start-up before. I love learning new skills and I am always up for a challenge.

Hi Alberto, I’d love to join you as a trainee. Got 10+ years experience in app development. Created apps for startups as well as enterprises and big brands. Used to working in remote environments. In the past 4 years I have added React(Native), Node.js with TypeScript to my skills. In terms of Solidity I have just started digging in mainly using tutorials like CryptoZombies. A project I just completed for a hackathon is very similar to Yield. So I’d love to train on such a product of yours.

Hi Alberto!

I’m Travis and am looking for a mentor to help me take my skills to the next level in developing full-stack smart contracts, on top of Ethereum. My general background, before moving to the technical side of things, was in customer service and sales. I have experience as an entrepreneur, having started, and succeeded with (before the virus), a small real estate investing business. Also, I have some experience in project management, in the manufacturing industry. To complement my soft and business skills, I became a paying member of Dapp U, Ivan on Tech Academy, and Eat the Blocks, as well as picking up a few Udemy courses on developing full stack dApps. Additionally, in 2020, I achieved a diploma, in software development, from WOZ-U. I live in UTC-7, standard time, and UTC-6, daylight savings time. I’m available to start ASAP and can dedicate myself full-time.


Travis L Orback
Call/text: 406-333-1260
Discord: Wytana#7004

Hi Aleberto,

7 years of Tech experience deploying and maintaining various IT solutions ranging from Verifone Payments Terminals to Smart Boards

Currently learning solidity

  • Crypto Zombies Advanced Completed
  • ChainLink Bootcamp Completed
  • Working on Ethernaut challenges

Dev experience is quite low, but i am a fast learner

Hope you give me an opportunity


Hi Alberto,

my name is Manu, I have been working as a Senior Frontend Developer for the last five years, before that I worked in finance for a European firm. I studied economics, but I decided to switch into programming as I’ve always enjoyed technology and computers, and something was missing in my professional career.
Now, after one year being almost obsessed with all the Blockchain ecosystem as a user, I feel it is the right time to start learning Solidity and contribute to the space professionally. I’ve already started to read all the Ethereum official docs and did the first steps on the cryptozombies course.

I have a strong knowledge of ReactJS and Typescript and I also did some work with Java and NodeJS on the Backend. Testing, doing code reviews, using tools like Jira and working remotely are normal things/duties on my daily basis.

I am currently in the UTC+2 timezone, but open to travel if necessary. On a more personal note, travelling is one of my passions, so that wouldn’t be a problem at all :slight_smile:

It would be great if you select me for the program.


Hello my name is Daniel. Been a part of DAPP U for over a year now. Still pretty green with some of the DEFI space but the understanding is there. You can check out my projects at and an exchange I built( with help from DAPP U) at Looking forward to improving my skillset and my main goal is to be Blockchaining full time in the near future. Thank you and feel free to contact me at

I just want to learn and do my part for the future of France :fr:.

Hi Alberto,
Hope you’re well

My name is Saadman a recent comp sci graduate looking to get into defi and dapp development. Most of my experience is with python although I am familiar with JS and have used it before. I have 3 years expereince working for a few remote start ups and some opensource projects which have helped me develop my soft skills for remote working. Currently I am a backend python dev at uniwhalesio and have a decent understanding of defi (although there are so many things I could learn in the space). In terms of solidity I’ve done cryptozombies and deployed a few basic contracts using brownie, I’ve also written some basic tests for these contracts on my local ganache chain with brownie.
I would love to be your mentee and take step into the sector with both feet. I am eager to learn about smart contract security and solidity best practices and will do my best to increase my knowledge and be useful to yield protocl and the future of france.
Best regards

Hi Alberto,
Been interested in crypto for a long time but never was quite ready to jump in career wise. Started my career at a tech start up before moving to an options trading desk. I love solving tough problems that no one else can. Trying to figure out where my skill set and desire to develop could be used the most. Finally ready to make the move into the industry and would enjoy an opportunity such as this. As for the type of person. I am a father and family man who loves to work and win as a team.

Hi Alberto,

I’m Owleksiy, a generalist SW developer with 15+ years of experience. Backend (high-performance high-availability distributed systems, heavy business logic services, etc), a bit of embedded systems experience, some experience with frontend.

Top strengths: prototyping, getting things done quickly and then converting them to a production-level solution, flexibility. Striving in high uncertainty scenarios: problems without clear visible solutions are my bread and butter.

Would love to learn more about Yield v2 and help to make it a rock-solid protocol.

Hi , iam amir and hope you are doing well .

I have done some projects , like an exchange and NFT marketplace (NFT marketplace is Under construction) have good skill at react , truffle , Web3 , solidity , JavaScript , and html and css , response web applications , and have good knowledge at blockchain Ethereum and wallets .

My goal is to increase my skills, learn more from experienced people, find my weaknesses and try to turn them into strengths, I am very interested in learning so this is a great chance for me . Thank you for responding and good luck .

I would like to share with others. Both in verbal and written form. I am an individual as well as a team player. Looking forward to joining the Yield Protocol team.

Hi Alberto,
Thank you for doing this. First & foremost I really appreciate the medium articles you have written, they have been really helpful.

Now about me. I have a Masters in computer science and have 10 years of work experience. I have been coding extensively on C#, python & most recently Javascript & typescript. I have built multiple products as an IC which are being used by a large number of users. For the past 5 years, I have been in a role where I had to tackle problems regularly, which were difficult to solve due to technological & monetary constraints. I like to program because of the variety of problems you get to solve.

For the past 6 months, I have been building projects on solidity and participating in hackathons. I even won a sponsor prize in hackmoney 2021. You can find my repositories here. They would give you a glimpse into my experience. I would recommend checking out GitHub - iamsahu/erc777distributor It would give you a glimpse into both my solidity writing skills & front-end development. I have been also contributing to Superfluid finance.

I am looking for a mentor as I think I have a lot of room to grow and having a guide is I believe a great way to learn & grow. I am looking forward to transitioning into a full-time role as a solidity engineer and I think this opportunity would help me do so.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


My primary occupation for the last decade has been bringing order to chaos (aka operating and scaling startups).

After a short stint in investment banking, I launched the fundraising department for an Asian educational non-profit in a country with strict regulatory constraints (grew from 0 → $5M in annual donations, and from 20 - > 300 teachers). I also spent four years as COO of a U.S. e-commerce platform that was acquired in 2018 (grew from 3 → 50 employees) and obtained an MBA from a Tier 1 U.S. business school.

Along the way, I taught myself how to code (Angular/NodeJS/GCP) on Ubuntu and these days I spend most of my time building the tech infrastructure (homegrown CMS and blog) for a variety of content websites.

While I’ve dabbled in crypto for years, it wasn’t until I was exposed to DeFi that the power of this technology really “clicked” for me, both as a retail user and a business operator. It was like stepping out of a dim smoky room into a bright breezy field. Living and working in multiple countries, I am acutely aware of how hard (and invasive of one’s personal privacy) it is to navigate local bureaucracy to open bank accounts, exchange currencies, and access capital markets. That challenge is compounded by the complexities of nationality, ethnicity, gender, social class… the list goes on.

DeFi has completely changed the rules of the game – by being trustless and permissionless, it obliterates virtually every barrier I described. It is hard to overstate how important and powerful (and exciting) that is.

Knowing what I now know, I am determined to contribute in whatever way I can to ensure a bright and prosperous future for DeFi. Building the foundational legos of DeFi, as Yield Protocol is, strikes me as a great way to fulfill that mission and thus it is a project that I would be delighted to be a part of.


My name is Eduardo Campaña. I am a self taught software developer and I have been coding professionally for 5 years. For most of that time I worked at a small startup developing an open source React framework focused on WP called Frontity. I was part of the team of 3 that released the v1 of the framework and after that and a small break I have been working as a freelance developer helping my clients to migrate their sites with millions of visits to said framework.

I am very interested in a career change and I am taking a few months off from work to focus on this. So far I have explored part of the CryptoZombies course and tinkering with a personal project to learn about Solidity contracts.

I am used to work remotely and asynchronously, I can commit to a 20h/week effort for the following months (the rest of the time I need it to study Korean) and I am living in GMT+9.

Hi Alberto,

I have a PhD in computer science - computer vision and 20 years of work experience in computer programming on different fields of software engineering. Roles spread from software development to project management and consulting, 10+ years in senior roles (tech. lead and/or proj. mgmt.).

For the last 10 years I work as a consultant mostly in the fields of computer vision and machine learning. I am an expert in computer vision, machine learning, c++, python, linux, java, javascript, php, OpenCV, matlab, deep learning, tensorflow, keras.

I’ve been superficially following crypto since 2013, starting with bitcoin trading, then writing trading bots. Latelly - since 2019, I am more closely following and learning ethereum and defi ecosystem, I consider myself an advanced defi user and I develop and run market making bots on ethereum, polygon, loopring now also optimism.

I don’t have much experience with solidity, therefore I think this mentoring program with learning through practice is a perfect starting point and would love to participate.


Hi Alberto. I’m Diogo Melo from Portugal.

So, I’m aware I’m probably not experienced/knowledgeable enough to be selected, but anyways, here we go:
I’m a software engineer with a masters degree in graphical and multimedia systems. However, I’m kind of a full stack developer seeing that I’ve developed native iOS apps, flutter mobile apps, reactjs web apps, but I’ve also worked on backend software, building servers and API’s, mostly using C# with SQL or Oracle.

Most recently, I decided to learn Ethereum development. Mostly by following the tutorials on
Due to my background in software development, I had a basic notion of some of the components/validations needed to develop a smart contract, still I feel obligated to mention that I don’t have the ability to develop a smart contract on my own.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


I’m software engineer with 10 years of experience. I have worked only in RnD projects (3 combined). Two of projects were done from scratch with team(s).

• In 1st project I was purely backend developer (Java, Spring).
• In 2nd project I implemented both frontend (Java swing) and backend (Java EE).
• In 3rd project I was lead UI developer (JavaScript, react, nodeJS) in cloud project. I gained know-how of k8 deployments, life-cycles and cloud-native architecture. I have also been playing with Jenkins pipelines and I am familiar with CI practices.

I don’t have much blockchain experience. I graduated from Consensys developer bootcamp in 2018 but never had chance use my skills since my daily job + family (2 kids) kept me busy. I’m still planning to study crypto zombies and ethernaut games in the coming weeks to refresh the memory.

I have been following blockchain space since 2013. First bitcoin and after 2014 ethereum as well. This summer I resigned myself from job to study more and find out what blockchain space has to offer. That’s the scale how serious and motivated I am. I’m located in UTC+2.