A new project looking for a cool technical guy

About Me and why am I mentoring

Hey guys I am a business founding member of a project in San Francisco. I found doing biz in web 3 is extremely hard and the daily routine is quite similar to every biz guy in the space:

  • Ask someone to introduce/refer someone
  • Be asked by someone to introduce/refer them to someone

I believe the process can be automated and get solved by a product. There are two types of companies, solve tech problem then launch a service business (like Oracle) or solve a service problem then launch a tech business (like Amazon). I think the industry is overcrowded with zk and all kinds of infrastructure because the web 3 tech fundamentals have hit a bottleneck. Time to launch a business like Amazon, which initially wanted to solve an industrial-level business problem.

The project now has a backend expert from Alibaba and the former head of growth at Quest 3. Looking for a frontend dev (with react or vue skills) to join. It has already passed the ideation phase and is ready to build!!!

The product will make biz people’s life much easier in web 3.

**To apply, please send a message to rockonwithdylan@gmail.com with a description of your background and experience. And we will take off from there! **


Or a full stack who might not mind doing some frontend stuff from time to time when the project needs…

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I have sent you an email with by background and resume and linkedin profile, sharing the same here